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Shuffleboard Wax - 100% Nut Free

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    Legacy Billiards Can of Black Ice Brand 100 Percent Nut Free Shuffleboard Wax

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    OUR BLACK ICE SHUFFLEBOARD WAX IS 100% NUT FREE. No nut particles are used in the production of our shuffleboard wax. Many products out there use nut shells in the production of their shuffleboard wax.

    Properly maintaining your play surface with Shuffleboard Wax is the most important part of playing the game. Black Ice Shuffleboard Wax is a powder made with polystyrene pellets mixed with corn starch to control and optimize the speed for 9' to 14' shuffleboards. Simply add a light coat of Shuffleboard Wax to your table's playing surface to keep your game top-notch and lightning fast!

    Download the Spec Sheet:
    Pucks Wax Spray Spec Sheet

    Our Black Ice shuffleboard wax is specially formulated for use on 9 foot, 12 foot, 14 foot and 16 foot Legacy Shuffleboards.NOTE: Shuffleboard wax beads must be used to in order for the pucks to slide down the playing surface. Never slide a puck with out applying wax beads to the surface. Add spray and pucks to related products