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Committed to Quality and Sustainability, without Sacrifice

We start by building all of our solid-wood billiard table, shuffleboard and furniture components with eco-friendly materials and adhesives. White Mahogany, a species of Hevea Wood, is used in many of our products. It's known for not only being one of the highest quality woods for furniture, but also grown and harvested in a sustainable way that doesn't harm rainforests and is friendly to the environment.

Legacy's green initiative doesn't end with our materials. Our state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities are equipped to release NO harmful emissions into the atmosphere. All wood scraps and sawdust collected from our factory are recycled and reused to heat and power the facility itself. In addition, all oils and chemicals used in the finish stains are collected and reused to ensure that no waste is generated in the process.

We reduce our carbon footprint by packaging our products efficiently in order to offer the smallest shipping carton in the industry, composed entirely of recycled material.