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Cumberland 8 Ft Pool Table Dining Collection

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Finish – Whiskey Barrel
    FINISH-Whiskey Barrel-CLOTH-Wine (Worsted)
    Legacy Billiards Cumberland Dining Pool Table Collection with Dining Top and Seating in Gunshot Finish - Primary Image
    Legacy Billiards Cumberland Pool Table in Gunshot Finish - Corner Closeup
    Legacy Billiards Cumberland Pool Table in Gunshot Finish - Legs Closeup
    Legacy Billiards Cumberland Pool Table in Gunshot Finish - Stretcher Closeup
    Legacy Billiards Cumberland Pool Table in Gunshot Finish - Rail Closeup
    Legacy Billiards Backed Dining Bench in Gunshot Finish
    Legacy Billiards Dining Storage Bench in Gunshot Finish
    Legacy Billiards Dining Storage Bench Open
    Legacy Billiards Dining Dolly with Dining Top
    FINISH-Smoke-CLOTH-Desert (Napped)
    FINISH-Smoke-CLOTH-Euro Blue (Worsted)
    FINISH-Smoke-CLOTH-Grey (Worsted)
    FINISH-Smoke-CLOTH-Legacy Red (Worsted)
    FINISH-Smoke-CLOTH-Legacy Red (Napped)
    FINISH-Smoke-CLOTH-Traditional Green (Napped)
    FINISH-Smoke-CLOTH-Traditional Green (Worsted)
    FINISH-Smoke-CLOTH-Wine (Worsted)
    FINISH-Whiskey Barrel-CLOTH-Black (Worsted)
    FINISH-Whiskey Barrel-CLOTH-Black (Napped)
    FINISH-Whiskey Barrel-CLOTH-Dark Green (Worsted)
    FINISH-Whiskey Barrel-CLOTH-Desert (Worsted)
    FINISH-Whiskey Barrel-CLOTH-Desert (Napped)
    FINISH-Whiskey Barrel-CLOTH-Euro Blue (Worsted)
    FINISH-Whiskey Barrel-CLOTH-Grey (Worsted)
    FINISH-Whiskey Barrel-CLOTH-Legacy Red (Worsted)
    FINISH-Whiskey Barrel-CLOTH-Legacy Red (Napped)
    FINISH-Whiskey Barrel-CLOTH-Traditional Green (Napped)
    FINISH-Whiskey Barrel-CLOTH-Traditional Green (Worsted)
    FINISH-Gunshot-CLOTH-Black (Worsted)
    FINISH-Gunshot-CLOTH-Black (Napped)
    FINISH-Gunshot-CLOTH-Dark Green (Worsted)
    FINISH-Gunshot-CLOTH-Desert (Worsted)
    FINISH-Gunshot-CLOTH-Desert (Napped)
    FINISH-Gunshot-CLOTH-Euro Blue (Worsted)
    FINISH-Gunshot-CLOTH-Grey (Worsted)
    FINISH-Gunshot-CLOTH-Legacy Red (Worsted)
    FINISH-Gunshot-CLOTH-Legacy Red (Napped)
    FINISH-Gunshot-CLOTH-Traditional Green (Napped)
    FINISH-Gunshot-CLOTH-Traditional Green (Worsted)
    FINISH-Gunshot-CLOTH-Wine (Worsted)
    FINISH-Smoke-CLOTH-Black (Worsted)
    FINISH-Smoke-CLOTH-Black (Napped)
    FINISH-Smoke-CLOTH-Dark Green (Worsted)
    FINISH-Smoke-CLOTH-Desert (Worsted)

    Product Details


    The Cumberland Pool Table Dining Collection provides an unrivaled rustic pool table that converts to a dining table with custom height seating. The pool table, dining top, storage bench and 4 back dining benches offer a beautiful rustic dining table with the hidden bonus of a pool table. There is plenty of space to seat 6-8 people comfortably. All wood construction of all pieces ensures your family a lifetime of enjoyment.

    This collection includes the Cumberland Pool Table, Dining Top, 4 Backed Dining Benches, 1 Storage Dining Bench and Dining Dolly. The Cumberland Pool Table features a unique X shaped leg for a visually stunning design in three different rustic finishes made of pine or ash wood. The custom height Dining Benches and Storage Dining Bench provide comfortable seating for at least 6 people. The Storage Bench lifts open to provide room for all your pool table accessories. The Dining Dolly provides an easy to use cart for storing your Dining Top. 

    Pool Table Size
    7 Foot Pool Table
    92.25" x 53.25" x 31.25" w/out dining top @ 615 lbs
    94.25" x 55.25" x 32.25" with dining top

    8 Foot Pool Table
    102.25" x 58.25" x 31.25" w/out dining top @ 735 lbs
    104.25" x 60.25" x 32.25" with dining top

    Multiple Finishes Available

    Pool Table Leg Option
    X cross with floor level stretcher

    Pool Table Construction
    7" wide solid hardwood rails
    High torque t-nut fasteners
    All wood cabinet and legs
    Exposed finger joint corners
    K66 high torque t-nut fasteners
    High torque t-nut fasteners

    Pool Table Rail Sights

    Pool Table Pockets
    Bi-Cast leather drop pockets

    Pool Table Slate
    3 piece 1" backed

    Backed Dining Benches
    36"W x 17"L x 25"H @ 28 lbs

    Dining Storage Bench
    75"W x 16.50"L x 18.50"H @ 64 lbs