Terms and Conditions

Legacy Billiards Terms and Conditions for Purchases and Installations

Cancellations and Refunds

All order are final once you have submitted and paid for your order. However, if you need to cancel your order for some reason, please call us immediately at 866-953-4272 and have your order number ready. Understand we cannot cancel your order once it has shipped. Legacy reserves the right to deny any cancellation in accord with an individual situation.

Changes to Orders

If you want to adjust your order you have submitted, please contact us immediately at 866-953-4272 and have your order number ready. Understand we cannot accept any order changes once your order has shipped.

E-mail Communication Consent

During the course of your transaction, Legacy may require written consent or interaction between Legacy and you, the customer. By agreeing to the terms and conditions, you consent to these communications being transmitted electronically via email.

Orders That Include 5 Star Installation

If you have purchased a product that included our 5 Star Installation service, please review the Home Owner Responsibilities and Potential Additional Charges below.

Home Owner Responsibilities:

  • Allocate a minimum of 3 hours for completion of product installation.
  • Allow safe vehicle access as close as possible to the room or install location.
  • Clear a designated area sufficient for installers to work during the unpack and assembly of all furniture items.
  • Please remove any impeding fixtures or furniture prior to installer's arrival.
  • Provide easy access to electrical power outlets in the room or an adjacent room.
  • Provide proper floor protection for both: the delivery pathway and in the room if needed.
  • Position area rugs prior to installation.
  • Billiard table lights are to be installed prior to, or following the installation AND never during the installation.
  • Installers are not authorized, trained or insured to install billiard lights, wall racks, dartboard cabinets or any other product that requires attachment to a wall or ceiling.  

Potential Additional Charges:

  • Flights of stairs may incur an additional fee
  • Mileage charges may apply for installation and/or services outside a designated radius from the installer's place of business. Legacy will locate the nearest authorized installer to you.  

You will be contacted prior to shipping if you will incur any additional fees and have the option to accept those charges or adjust your order.