Finish FAQs

The Finishing Touch

Legacy uses a fine furniture quality finish on all Legacy manufactured game tables and furniture items. Legacy not only designs each piece but manufactures and finishes each piece in their state of the art facility plant under tight Legacy quality controls. Not every finish is available on all items. Legacy features game room products that allow you to match and coordinate our pool tables, shuffleboards and furnishings with your home design style to complete a perfect game room.

All wood game room furniture products, shuffleboards and pool tables are finished with our quality controlled 14 step process finish.

  • Item is cleaned of any debris.
  • Sub stain. 
  • Stain 40% color. 
  • Stain 60% color. 
  • Wash coat (PU base AKZO) oven. 
  • Sand. 
  • Glaze 95% color. 
  • Base coat (PU base) oven. 
  • Sand. 
  • Shading stain 100% color. 
  • Add base coat. 
  • Add top coat. 
  • Sand. 
  • Add final top coat.