Choosing a Shuffleboard Table Size

shuffleboard table in game room

Size is an important consideration when purchasing a shuffleboard table. Obviously, the size of the table will depend greatly on how much room is available to accommodate it, so it’s important to measure out the room. The preferred style of gameplay can also have an impact. At Legacy Billiards, our shuffleboard tables are available in nine, twelve, and fourteen-foot sizes.

Remember that a shuffleboard will require at least three feet of extra room on both ends so that players have enough room to get behind and lean forward into shooting position. While shuffleboards are generally able to be positioned right next to a wall, some electronic score units require a few inches of space in order to be properly mounted to the table.

Also remember that any room that will house a shuffleboard needs to have adequate access to the room. Shuffleboard tables are large and heavy, and require doorways and hallways that are wide enough to get through.

Regarding what size to get, ideally it is best to get the largest size the room will accommodate. The longer the board, ultimately the more challenging the game.