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The Perfect Drawer for 7', 8' and 9' Billiard Tables

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    Legacy Billiards Perfect Drawer Assembled on a Baylor II Pool Table
    Legacy Billiards Perfect Drawer Video
    Legacy Billiards Perfect Drawer Billiards Accessories Hidden Holder
    Legacy Billiards Perfect Drawer No Attached to Pool Table
    Legacy Billiards Perfect Drawer Bracket Assembly
    Legacy Billiards Perfect Drawer Tray Assembly

    Product Details


    Whether installing on a new table or adding to a table purchased in the past, Legacy’s patented Perfect Drawer (USA patent no. US8177650) is the first and only attachable drawer made for storing all your billiard accessories uniquely and safely under your billiard table. Available in sizes made to fit virtually any seven, eight or nine-foot table, the Perfect Drawer is easy to install without any special tools. And when not in use, the Perfect Drawer is tucked neatly under your table, and out of sight.


    • Easy to Install 
    • Fits almost any brand- 7ft, 8ft, or 9ft table 
    • Patented Hardware with Air-Lift Technology
    • Convenient Storage of Billiard Balls, Racks, Brushes, chalk & more
    • Quality felt lined drawer
    • Securely Store Expensive Cues

    Specs & Dimensions
    Stores up to five assembled or unassembled 1 piece or 2 piece cues. 
    Drawer weight: 20lbs overall 32lbs 
    Storage tray dimensions: 46" x 27 3/4" x 2 1/2" 

    Download the Perfect Drawer Spec Sheet:

    Perfect Drawer Spec Sheet