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Fast Track Pool Balls

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Estimated Date Available: Aug 25, 2024
    Legacy Billiards Fast Track Pool Balls Set
    Legacy Billiards Fast Track Pool Balls Set Table Shot in Rack
    Legacy Billiards Fast Track Pool Balls Set Closeup

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    Guaranteed for life, the Legacy Fast Track Ball Set is the perfect choice for players looking for durable, high quality balls at an affordable price. Our Fast Track pool balls are made of the highest grade poly-resin material and ground and polished to a radial tolerance of one-thousandth of an inch in diameter. They weight 5.5 ounces with a tolerance of one-thousandth of an ounce to provide proper sound and roll on the playing surface. The pool balls should be unpolished and should also not be waxed. They can be cleaned with a towel or cloth that is free of dirt and dust, or with soap and water. However, they should never be washed with excessive water as they are porous and will discolor and possibly gain weight, thus harming the playability. The set comes complete with the 15 standard balls and a Fast Track cue ball.

    Download the Spec Sheet:
    Fast-Track Pool Balls Spec Sheet

    - Official 2 1/4" size
    - Set of 16 tournament quality pool balls including cue ball
    - Vibrant colors combined with high gloss finish
    - Meets all tournament specifications of weight , size, balance and roundness
    - Ideal for both residential and commercial use
    - Lifetime warranty