Why Matching Game Room Furniture is Important

The days of a pool table in the corner of the basement or the garage are long past.  Game rooms are now a popular part of the home and a center of entertainment and social gathering for a family.  You want your game room to reflect the same style and unique character as the other main rooms of your home.

Traditional or contemporary, your home has a design that compliments the unique personality of your family.  Guests feel welcome.   Your family is comfortable and at home.  A large part of this design revolves around your selection of furniture.

Coordinated Appearance

Think about the planning and consideration you put into designing your living room or family room.  Like most people you selected the furniture with care coordinating it with the overall décor or the room.  The goal is creating a certain feeling and ambience for your family and guests.  The game room should be designed with the same care.

Matching the game room furniture and the pool table is essential to creating a unified appearance.  The pool table, as the focal point in the room, will naturally draw the eye.  Coordinating furniture such as the bar, tables, and chairs allows the entire room to feel put together and planned.

More than Finish and Style

Hopefully you’ve selected a high quality pool table for your game room.  This table is solidly constructed and built to last over several years of enthusiastic play.  It’s important, therefore, that you select furniture with a similar quality construction.

Matching game room furniture is by definition constructed from the same quality materials as the table itself.  The hardwood construction and quality workmanship ensure durability.  You can count on the utility of your tables and chairs over the life of your pool table.

Legacy is unique among fine billiard table manufacturers.  We create complimentary game room furniture for the pool tables we craft.  This furniture is designed with the same eye to detail as our pool tables and is held to the same standards of craftsmanship.

What Will Your Game Room Include in the Future?

Over time the interests of your family will change.  Your children will grow up and leave home.  New games may capture your interest and attention.  Your budget may allow the addition of a shuffleboard table or wet bar.  When you begin with quality matching furniture your game room can easily adapt to your changing requirements.

Legacy Billiards offers entire lines of furniture and accessories designed to coordinate with your pool table.  You benefit from the ability to make additions to your game room without concern.  Everything you add will fit in with your existing décor seamlessly.

Occasionally replacement furniture is necessary.  While every piece we make is designed for beauty and durability, the circumstances of life can damage even the most finely crafted furniture.  Our matching furniture groups make replacement and supplemental furniture available without searching or headache.

Create a Showroom Quality Game Room

When you focus your game room around a quality pool table, you lay the foundation of a showroom quality experience for your family and friends.  Adding a bar and tables along with seating that exactly matches your table builds upon that foundation.  Legacy Billiards makes it simple to have the showcase game room of your dreams.

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