What is Shuffleboard Powder?

Shuffleboard powder is necessary to let the puck slide smoothly across the board.  It is sometimes misleadingly called shuffleboard wax, despite the fact that it is indeed a powder and not liquid wax (liquid wax is a separate product that is also used in shuffleboard maintenance).  While ages ago shuffleboard powder was made from sawdust, today it is made from dried silicone beads and corn meal.  It usually comes in a round container not unlike a powdered cleaner.  The holes at the top are arranged in such a way that the powder can be spread evenly around the table.  It’s best to store the powder somewhere that is dark and dry.

To ensure that your shuffleboard powder works as advertised, the following maintenance tips are recommended:

Cleaning- Once a month, use shuffleboard cleaner to eliminate any buildup of wax or silicone from regular use.  Wipe down the table and wait fifteen minutes.

Liquid Wax- Over time, the board will develop dry ‘dead spots’.  Therefore, once a week, it’s recommended apply liquid wax to the surface.  Let the wax sit for half an hour before using the table.

Spray and Powder- Before each game, apply shuffleboard silicone spray to reduce the amount of shuffleboard powder that will be necessary.  Then apply your desired shuffleboard powder.

There are a variety of types available, depending on the size of your table and speed preference.  Some players prefer a faster game, however increasing the speed proportionally decreases the amount of control the player has over the puck.  You may need to experiment with different types of shuffleboard powder to find which one is the best for you.

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