Legacy Billiards Baylor Bumper Pool Table in Walnut Finish

Top 5 Reasons Why a Bumper Pool Table is a Great Addition to Your Home

Gen Xers have fond memories of playing bumper pool in our misspent youth. Whether it was at the “Rec” Center, the Y, the Boys Club or maybe a friend’s garage. Bumper pool was the ideal game for those of us who lacked the patience for billiards, as well as the wingspan to hold a billiards cue. And knowing the insane resurgence of vinyl records among Millennials and Gen-Zs in recent years, bumper pool appeals to this younger segment with its beautiful simplicity and strong ties to 70s and 80s pop culture Americana. Here are 5 reasons why bumper pool is a fun choice for your home entertainment.

  1. It’s a great fit. It really is. When was the last time you used that dining room except for holidays? Many of the Legacy Billiards bumper pool tables are 3-in-1 game tables with dining tops, including Sterling, Harpeth, and Heritage. They also come in round and rectangular shapes to give you greater flexibility in your space planning. Check out our blog on the space needed for a bumper pool table.
  2. A welcome distraction from the video games. Get your kids out of their rooms and into the bumpers. Not only will they have fun playing, but so will their friends. Bumper pool means good clean fun under your one roof. And if your children are in the “dating age,” bumper pool is a fun icebreaker activity for when they invite these special friends to your house.
  3. Fun for the whole family. Bumper pool is a fun way to bond with the kids, especially when you can’t agree on what to watch on family movie night. And when the weather is nasty outside, bumper pool can be the ultimate indoor active play option. There’s not a lot of teaching required – like traditional pool – you learn while you play.
  4. A Terrific Party Piece. Not everyone wants to watch football at your Super Bowl Party, or basketball at your Final Four bash. And guys, we can only spend so much time in front of the snack table before the wife or your mom gives you the stink eye. Same goes for the bar. With a bumper pool table in the dining room, basement, or game room, you’ve got an alternative right in your own home. Chalk up and have some fun. You can raise your cue in the air like a hockey stick when you score, and not poke a hole in the ceiling.
  5. Bumper Pool is the all-inclusive sport. We all can’t be star billiards players. Billiards can be rather intense, the physics of the game are complicated enough, and it gets old when you spend most of the night watching the greats do battle while you wait your turn to play. Bumper pool is serious fun. It’s a smaller table where the bumpers can be friends as much as obstacles. You don’t use a cue ball or an 8-ball, you just hit your balls into your opponent’s pocket, and the first one to knock in all five of their balls, wins. The games tend to go quickly, so everyone has a chance to play. For the rules of bumper pool, see our INSTRUCTIONS HERE.

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