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The Top 5 Pool Table Scenes in Movies

The game of pool has been glamorized in film for decades. In fact, if not for the popularity of certain key films, the game of pool would likely not be nearly as popular as it is today. From gritty dramas to wild action scenes, pool tables are a favorite prop for directors. The game of pool is much like poker, in that it has a sexy image associated with gangsters and hustlers, yet it’s also something that can be found in people’s homes as well, making it a natural fit for the likes of Hollywood. With that in mind, here are our top five pool table scenes in movies.


#5 - "Harry and the Hendersons"

In this 80’s family classic, a sasquatch named Harry lives with a typical American family. In this funny scene, Harry gets a little too excited, yet manages to make an amazing pool shot through the floor of the dining room!


#4 - "Roxanne"

In this retelling of a classic play from 1890, Steve Martin plays a fire chief with an exceptionally large nose, and is afraid of being ridiculed for it. In this scene, he wants to have a game of pool with the firefighters, but the firefighters just can’t get over his giant schnozzle.


#3 - "The Baltimore Bullet"

The opening credits let you know what this film is all about. While it may be overshadowed by movies higher up on this list, this is still a fun movie with an interesting story.


#2 - "The Color of Money"

This Martin Scorsese film is credited for helping to popularize the game of pool in general. In this scene, a young Tom Cruise plays in a seedy pool hall with total confidence.


#1 - "The Hustler"

Jackie Gleason gives a wonderful performance in this film as the character Minnesota Fats. Legend has it that he actually performed many of the shots himself in this film. In this scene we see both a talented pool player and a fantastic actor. The Hustler is widely regarded as bringing the game of pool into the mainstream public consciousness.



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