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Top 20 Pool Table Songs

Pool players are often divided on the subject of music. Some feel that listening to music while playing is distracting, while others feel that the right music can actually enhance their concentration. If you're playing pool in a bar or tavern, then in all likelihood there will be music of some sort playing. If you're fortunate enough to have a table in your own home, the right music can really enhance the evening, particularly if the game is part of a friendly, social gathering.

If you're playing at home, and you have several guests arriving to play, it's best to tailor your music to a general audience. If you're having trouble choosing which songs to play, check out our top 20 pool table songs:


#20 - ZZ Top, "Cheap Sunglasses."

The grooves on this track demonstrate how it was more than the beards that made ZZ Top famous.


#19 - Golden Earring, "Radar Love."

A driving beat and a memorable melody make this song by Golden Earring a winner.


#18 - Kool & The Gang, "Jungle Boogie."

No other track creates a better atmosphere for fun. Kool & The Gang demonstrate exactly how to "get down"!


#17 - Johnny Guitar Watson, "Space Guitar."

A highly progressive track for its time, this instrumental number still impresses with its clever use of reverb and effects.


#16 - Aretha Franklin, "Think."

Pool is a game that requires focus and concentration - in other words, it requires thinking. Thinking is more fun, however, when it's accompanied by the amazing vocal pipes of Aretha Franklin.


#15 - Ray Charles, "Unchain My Heart."

Take a friendly game of pool, add a dose of Ray Charles, and suddenly it's a party!


#14 - Van Morrison, "Domino ."

This is a great track for playing pool, and a great track for dancing as well.


#13 - Stealers Wheel, "Stuck In The Middle With You."

When this track his the jukebox, just look around the pool hall and watch people start tapping their toes. No playlist would be complete without this number.


#12 - Bill Withers, "Use Me."

A great rhythm and a smooth melody keep you focused on your shot in this amazing tune by Bill Withers.


#11 - Warren Zevon, "Werewolves of London."

With it's catchy swing beat and thumping riffs, Warren Zevon's piano number is a pool hall staple.


#10 - AC/DC, "Thunderstruck."

No pool table playlist would be complete without rock gods AC/DC. With amazing guitar licks and those unmistakable power chords, Thunderstruck stands as one of the best tracks the band has to offer.


#9 - Jim Croce, "I Got A Name."

Players looking to make a name for themselves can do so while listening to Jim Croce's masterpiece.


#8 - The Toasters, "Pool Shark."

Ska masterminds The Toasters keep the action fun and upbeat with this fun and playful number.


#7 - Filter, "Hey Man Nice Shot."

90's rockers Filter put the pedal to the metal in this adrenaline-fueled track.


#6 - David Allen Coe, "You Never Even Called Me By My Name."

With it's hip-swinging beat and liberal use of slide guitar - this traditional country-western tune is a pool-hall staple.


#5 - Johnny Cash, "The Baron."

The Man in Black tells an epic story in this amazing track.


#4 - Stevie Ray Vaughan, "Tin Pan Alley (Dirty Pool)."

With a blues sound you can feel right down to your soul, Stevie Ray Vaughan sets a new standard for musical performances.


#3 - Rod Stewart, "Maggie May."

It's a simple track, but with it's smooth, melodic basslines, coupled with Rod Stewart's unmistakable scratchy vocals, it never feels old.


#2 - James Brown, "The Payback."

Not only is he the Godfather of Soul, James Brown shows us he's a master of funk, as he leads us down the righteous path of incredible music.


#1 - Johnny Lang, "Rack 'em Up."

There simply couldn't be a more suitable track for billiards than Johnny Lang's Rack 'em Up. A walking bass line coupled with classic blues riffs make this track our winner.


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