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Legacy Supports Our Men and Women Serving Our Country - Past & Present

Legacy wants to thank the members of our military, police, fire, and EMT for their service to our country. 

If you have purchased an item either from Legacy directly or one of our authorized dealers across the US, we’d like to offer you a free gift. 

Please read below for the verification details and how to receive your gift.

All qualifying purchases include Heritage, Legacy, Urban, Carolina Custom and Platinum brands.

Below are your options for your free gift:

If your purchase was $1,000 or more, you qualify for any one of the packages shown below.

If your purchase was under $1,000, you qualify for Package 1 or 2 below only.





 Gifts can be received in 1 of 3 methods:

OPTION A - FREE – Your gift will be delivered to our local dealer in your area. Once it arrives, a dealer will contact you to welcome you back to their store to receive your gift.  To find your local dealer click on the link in the upper left of our website called “Find A Dealer”.  There you can enter your zip code and find the nearest authorized Legacy Billiards dealer.

OPTION B – FREE – If you are more than 60 miles from one of our dealers, we will ship the gift to you for free.

OPTION C – SHIPPING FEES REQUIRED - If you are within 60 miles of one of our dealers and choose not to pickup your gift from their store, your gift can be shipped directly to your home at your expense - must be prepaid by you. 

Packages 1 & 2 shipping cost $25, packages 3 & 4 shipping cost $50.

Qualifications and Restrictions:

  1. You must have purchased a Heritage, Legacy, Urban Design by Legacy, Carolina Custom or Platinum brand product from Legacy Billiards directly or from one of our authorized dealers sometime between 1/1/16 and 12/31/17.
  2. You must be either active or retired military, police, fire or EMT.
  3. You must still have the game room item that you purchased.
  4. You must be able to provide us with proof of your purchase or a photo of you with your product along with proof of your service.
  5. Items will only be shipped to the lower 48 United States (does not include Hawaii or Alaska).
  6. Only one free gift package per address.
  7. The recipient may have to pay for shipping depending on their location and choice of delivery.


How do I receive my free gift?

  1. Choose your free gift (identify your preferred package number).
  2. Choose your delivery method.
  3. Send us your gift package choice and delivery method plus the following information via email using this link:
    • Name
    • Name of your local dealer we are delivering your gift to for pickup.
    • Delivery address (if you are having this delivered to your home)
    • Phone number in case we need to ask you any questions or we need to contact you for a credit card for shipping fees.
    • Purchase date of your original product.
    • Photo of your receipt from your purchase.
    • Photo of you with your Heritage, Legacy, Urban, Carolina Custom, or Platinum brand item.
    • Proof of your current or former service in a branch of the US military, police, fire, or EMT (photo in uniform suggested).

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