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Shuffleboard Table Price Points

How Much To Spend on a Shuffleboard Table?

At Legacy Billiards, we offer a wide selection of great shuffleboard tables at a variety of different price points. The amount you should spend depends what you need and want out of your table. Let the following descriptions help you understand what is available. Regardless of the price, remember that every Legacy Branded shuffleboard except the Classic includes a 1/4” poured polymer playfield for lightning-quick gameplay and extra durability, as well as climate adjusters to ensure a level and accurate game. All of our shuffleboards also include everything needed to play the game — four black pucks, four red pucks, an abacus scorer, a table brush, wax and a black table cover. Each Legacy Branded table also includes our Perfect Drawer, which is mounted under the table and glides out to reveal your shuffleboard accessories. Accept no substitutes — at Legacy we offer top quality, and unmatched value for the dollar.

Heritage Branded Shuffleboard Tables under $1,500

For the budget-minded, the nine-foot Heritage shuffleboard ($899) is a great, affordable way to get into the game. With a sleek, modern design, the Heritage is a tremendous value.

For an extra $200, the Heritage shuffleboard is also available in a twelve-foot variation ($1,099).

Legacy Branded Shuffleboard Tables under $2,000

The nine-foot Classic shuffleboard ($1899) is a premium shuffleboard designed for maximum fun in a small space. Available in a variety of attractive finishes, the Classic features a birch veneer playfield over rugged durability.

For those who are more adventurous, our Renegade nine-foot shuffleboard table ($2,399) is sure to make a bold impression. Featuring a rugged design, with laser-etched flames, metal nail head trim, and a silver backed distressed black pearl wood finish, the Renegade Shuffleboard truly isn't like anything you've seen before.

Legacy Branded Shuffleboard Tables under $3,000

Tailored and trim, the Elite twelve-foot shuffleboard table ($2,599) features beautifully-routed wood panels and a 2.5 inch x 16” playfield made from North American grown.

Legacy Branded Shuffleboard Tables under $4,000

Also featuring a 2.5 inch x 16” playfield made from North American grown poplar, the Ella twelve-foot shuffleboard table ($3,399) is modern, sleek and stylish, with all designer touches. The afore-mentioned Renegade table, with all its outlaw styling, is also available in a twelve-foot variation ($3,799). For an even greater length at this price point, consider the big fourteen-foot Sterling shuffleboard featuring a larger 3” x 20” playfield ($3,999).

Legacy Branded Shuffleboard Tables under $5,000

If you can’t decide between the longer length of Sterling or the biker stylings of the Renegade table, consider combining the best of both worlds with the fourteen-foot variation of our Renegade shuffleboard table ($4,529). It’s sure to make a lasting impression.

Legacy Branded Shuffleboard Tables under $6,000

Blowing away the competition in quality and durability, the Winston fourteen-foot shuffleboard table ($5,799) combines entertaining, challenging fun with timeless elegance. It features a playing field has four scoring zones in addition to being 3” x 20” and made with North American, plantation grown yellow poplar. The playfield on the Winston boasts four scoring zones for even more action. Also featuring four scoring zones, the Landon fourteen-foot shuffleboard ($5,799) features strong bold routed lines in solid wood. With built in LED lights, the Landon is highly impressive.

Legacy Branded Shuffleboard Tables under $7,000

For those seeking the greatest challenge, we are proud to offer sixteen-foot shuffleboards for the ultimate home shuffleboard experience. Both the Ella sixteen-foot shuffleboard ($6,499) and Landon sixteen-foot shuffleboard ($6,999) provide an unparalleled level of excitement.

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