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Pool Table Price Points

How Much To Spend on a Pool Table?

At Legacy Billiards, we offer a variety of quality pool tables at differing price points. How much you should spend on a table depends entirely on your personal needs and desires. The following guide can help you understand what is available to you at each given price point. Remember that at any price point, a Legacy pool table provides top quality, and unmatched value for the dollar.


Heritage Branded Pool Tables under $1,700

Our Mustang, Colt and Stallion Pool Tables offer plenty of fun for a value price. Each table offers an elegant design and aesthetic, with a sturdy one-inch slate for a smooth and level playing surface. In addition, each table includes a variety of options for table cloth color. These tables also feature our Fortress Power Rails (patent pending), that use 3/4" laminated T-nuts to securely attach the rails to the table. All Heritage Pool Tables use heavy duty corner metal bracket.


Heritage Branded Pool Tables under $2,000

Our Destroyer table includes an all-wood sub-frame for a quiet game a quiet game (metal frames echo the sound traveling on the slate). The Destroyer also features overbuilt hardware attaching the legs to the table, ensuring a lifetime of play.


Legacy Branded Pool Tables under $2,500


Our Radley, Ryan, and Rylee tables, as well as our Ella pool table feature solid wood cabinets, with our patented Perfect Corner all wood construction. Each table is available in a variety of finishes, enabling you to choose which is the best match for the aesthetics of your room.

For those who are more adventurous, our Outlaw table is sure to make a bold impression. It offers a dark, biker feel with a distressed Black Pearl finish, hand-set metal studding, textured inlays on the blinds, and laser etched flames burned on the legs.


Legacy Branded Pool Tables under $3,200


Our pool tables in this price range ($2500-$3200) offer the same solid-wood cabinets and patented Perfect Corner all wood construction as our tables in the lower price bracket ($2000-$2500), and each builds upon those features in different ways. For example, the Mallory table features a gorgeous sweeping arched cabinet, as well as hand-carved scroll legs. The Megan and Mesa tables both offer a classic, timeless quality. The Ella II features a more modern, yet elegant look, with curved post legs, an arched cabinet and side blind, and a smooth, polished finish. At the top end of this price range, the Landon pool table features powerful, executive styling, with bold, powerful lines that add an ambiance of sophistication and tradition to any home game room.


Legacy Branded Pool Tables $3,200 and up


The Winchester table features a rustic look with modern design.  Made of 100% pine wood, the grain and finish on this table is 2nd to none.  Distressed metal accents are abound including unique sights. Crafted for the buyer who loves the look and feel of grainy wood, the Cimarron is manufactured out of 100% ash wood.  Available in two finishes, this table is sure to wow.  The exposed distressed metal bolts and tressle spanning the gap between legs make this a man's man table. Inspired by the craftsmen era of fine woodworking, the Landon II table redefines pool table style, featuring special details such as the 6 inch closed rail with embedded real mother-of-pearl sites and detailed, custom-routed side panels.

All Legacy Pool Tables come with solid wood cabinets and our patented Perfect Corner all wood construction.

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