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Frequently Asked Questions

How long will it take for my order to ship?

Please allow 10-15 business days for your order to ship.

What size room do I need for a pool table?

Since most pool cues are 57" or 58" ” in length, at least five feet of space is needed between the table rails and the surrounding walls or furniture. However there are very few recreational rooms that do not have some sort of obstacle that interferes with play. In some instances a shorter cue stick may enable play around an obstacle or wall. These are available upon request. Because pool tables are available in several sizes we have prepared a chart that shows the recommended room size for the most popular sizes of pool tables.

What size pool table do you sell?
Legacy sells three sizes of pool tables, 7', 8' and 9'. A regulation size table is one where the playing area width is one-half the length, measured cushion to opposite cushion. Our 8' table is the most popular. The 7’ table is nice where an 8’ table will not fit, however there is less challenging play. The 9’ table provides more challenge but it requires a larger room.

Pool table buying reference list
* Budget: From very inexpensive to an investment that can be passed down for generations, with many tables, keep in mind that you get what you pay for.
* Least expensive: These are the tables that you get for the kids to bang around on. They use low quality and artificial materials and most of them don't come with any sort of warranty.
* Economy: A table in this range will have ¾ of the playing surface and often times the manufacturer uses a single piece of slate or sort piece which allows for a lower selling price. You won't find much real wood on them, often times it's cabinet material and particle board covered with laminate or vinyl. It looks good, but won't last long due to breakdown of the particle board and the fragile surface of the laminate and vinyl. Most tables in this range have a 1 year limited warranty and will give you about 5-7 years of decent performance.
* Mid Range: You get a little more variety of styles and designs with a table in this range. You'll get a better playing experience too. You'll start to see better construction and quality too. When you get one of these tables, you're looking at a lifetime of enjoyment and they usually include an unconditional lifetime guarantee.
* Custom: This is the cream of the crop. You'll be getting superior materials, detailed designs and a table with extra attention to great quality workmanship and construction. With one of these babies, you'll definitely get a lifetime guarantee.

Pool table size and features to cosinder before purchase
You've made the decision to fulfill that lifelong dream of having your own Pool Table right at your house. Your days of schlepping down to the local Pool Hall are soon to be over. Yes, it's a very exciting time for you but in your excitement and eagerness, don't overlook some things that will make a difference between endless hours of enjoyment or frustration and aggravation.

Don't go cheap.

A few hundred dollars is going to make the difference in a table that won't be playable in 10 years versus one that's going to be something you can enjoy for a lifetime. You don't have to get the most expensive one on the market, but be sure to do your homework to ensure you get a quality table that will be around a long time.

Size DOES matter.

The room where your table will live and the size of the table need to be compatible. Allow about 6+1/2 feet around each side of the table to give comfortable swing and cue range.

This brings us to table size. With a small table the balls cluster and bunch and can really take the fun out of the game. A large table presents challenges as it creates more difficult shots because of the bigger playing area. But- if you have the space for a 9 footer, go for it! Where better to challenge yourself than in the privacy of your own home? That way, when you step out and hit some balls at a Hall, which generally has 8 foot tables, you'll come off like a pro. Who wouldn't want that?

Survey Says?

Ask around. Surf the net. Read reviews. Find out what others are saying about the Pool table you have your eye on. Look to purchase from a dealer or manufacturer that's going to be around in 20 years in case you need some assistance with your table. What good is a dealers' lifetime warranty if they go out of business next year? It's also a good idea to get your contact list in order before you make your decision: Is there someone in the area that could do felt repair if needed? How about keeping the rails tightened and maintained or (horrors) slate replacement? Does the purchase of a table include regular leveling maintenance?

What to do once you've purchased your new pool table
Once you've got your table settled in, it's a good idea to take advantage of the leveling maintenance that came with the table. Remember, we mentioned it earlier when we talked about what to look for in the shopping process?

Pool tables are heavy. Some can weigh over a TON- literally. The floor, no matter what type, is probably going to settle a bit. Even if you have a hard tile floor, there might be some floor joists down below that are made of wood that are shifting and you can't see what's going on. You might not even be able to see if the table is sitting crooked. But play on a level table is what you want, so be sure to make sure it's level.

Pool tables do not like humidity and extreme temperatures. It can affect the cloth, the balls and even the general construction (if one of the lower quality). It might be a good idea to keep a dehumidifier in the room just to keep your table cozy and comfortable.

Accessorize!! Get a cue rack or storage area specifically for your cues and designate an area to store balls and other accessories. Stacking your cues in the corner is not the way to store them. You can get a nice wooden rack that matches your table and store your balls right there on the table when you aren't playing. Finish off your accessories list with a nice table brush to keep the cloth clean and you're good to go.

What to look for in a play are of a quality pool table
Tables can look good all day long but if they aren't built with certain quality control points, they won't play very well. Here is what you need to know about the surface area of a great table:

* Is the playing surface under the cloth is constructed of slate or ply wood?
* A quality pool table has 3 pieces of 1 inch thick slate for maximum strength and durability.
* Pool table cloth is made of a blend of wool and nylon and the higher the wool content of the cloth, the slower the pool balls will roll across the playing surface. Napped and Worsted are the two terms to know. Worsted, also known as, "nap free" cloth or tournament grade fabric, is the way to go.
* Is there backing on the bottom of the cloth to make it more durable and more resistance to chalk and dust build up?

How much is shipping?
Shipping is free* with any purchase over $1000.
*Due to higher labor costs, there are specific zip codes (in the New York City/Long Island NY area and the Boston MA area) that carry a $250 delivery surcharge.

I live in Canada. Do you sell to customers in Canada?
Legacy ships only in the continental United States. However, we have Authorized Dealers in Canada. Please use our dealer locator or contact us to find a dealer near you.

What is included with my new pool table?
All Legacy Billiards pool tables include:
FREE shipping in the continental US
FREE introductory Accessory Kit
FREE napped cloth.

How will my new pool table arrive?
Legacy has three choices on how your pool table will arrive to you. Please see our Installation Options for complete details.

If you choose 5-Star Installation when purchasing your pool table, our certified installer will set-up an appointment to deliver and install your new pool table. If you choose 3-Star Installation your new pool table will arrive by a freight courier like Fed-Ex. You will need to unload your pool table from the truck yourself with the help of a friend or two. One of our certified installers will then arrive at a later date to assemble your pool table. If you choose No Installation, your new pool table will arrive by a freight courier like Fed-Ex. You will need to unload your pool table from the truck yourself with the help of a friend or two. You will need to find an installer in your area to assemble your pool table. An installer can be found in your local business directory.

Please Note: If you choose No Installation, this will void the warranty offered for your pool table. Please contact us and let us find a certified installer for you if you choose this option.

Why do some pool tables cost more than others?
Buying a pool table is like buying fine furniture. In general, higher priced pool tables have more carving or intricate details and the cost to manufacture is higher. Its important to note that the price does not necessarily translate to a better built pool table. Legacy has balanced fine furniture quality with affordability.

What kind of cloth do I need on my pool table?
There are two basic grades of cloth for a pool table, Napped Wool or Worsted Wool. Both are made from wool and contain a percentage of nylon. Legacy Billiards recommends worsted wool because of it’ s durability, speed, and easy maintenance.

Napped: Is woven with thread made up of long and short fibers twisted together to make billiard cloth with a fuzzy surface. Napped is less expensive and shows chalk marks less because of the thicker weave that allows the chalk dust to settle in the cloth. Napped cloth also tends to pill which slows the ball. Napped cloth is less durable.

Worsted: Is woven with thread that is combed to remove the short fibers. This makes the billiard cloth smoother and more consistent. Worsted is more expensive and the balls run faster with a consistent speed. Worsted cloth is more durable. Each thread is treated with DuPont™ Teflon® fabric protector to protect your investment from accidental spills

What maintenence is needed for pool tables?
With reasonable care, a pool table should last several generations. Please see our Product Care Guide for complete details on the maintenence needed for our pool tables, shuffleboards and other game room furniture

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