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Ella II 7 Ft Pool Table

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Finish – Shade
    FINISH-Shade-CLOTH-Black (Napped)
    Legacy Billiards 7 Ft Ella II Pool Table in Graphite Finish with Red Cloth
    Legacy Billiards 7 Ft Ella II Pool Table Corner Closeup
    Legacy Billiards 7 Ft Ella II Pool Table End Closeup
    FINISH-Shade-CLOTH-Grey (Worsted)
    FINISH-Shade-CLOTH-Traditional Green (Worsted)
    FINISH-Shade-CLOTH-Wine (Worsted)
    FINISH-Shade-CLOTH-Legacy Red (Worsted)
    FINISH-Shade-CLOTH-Dark Green (Worsted)
    FINISH-Shade-CLOTH-Desert (Worsted)
    FINISH-Shade-CLOTH-Euro Blue (Worsted)
    FINISH-Shade-CLOTH-Black (Worsted)
    FINISH-Graphite-CLOTH-Legacy Red (Worsted)
    FINISH-Graphite-CLOTH-Dark Green (Worsted)
    FINISH-Graphite-CLOTH-Desert (Worsted)
    FINISH-Graphite-CLOTH-Grey (Worsted)
    FINISH-Graphite-CLOTH-Traditional Green (Worsted)
    FINISH-Graphite-CLOTH-Black (Worsted)
    FINISH-Graphite-CLOTH-Euro Blue (Worsted)
    FINISH-Graphite-CLOTH-Wine (Worsted)
    FINISH-Shade-CLOTH-Desert (Napped)
    FINISH-Shade-CLOTH-Legacy Red (Napped)
    FINISH-Shade-CLOTH-Traditional Green (Napped)
    FINISH-Graphite-CLOTH-Black (Napped)
    FINISH-Graphite-CLOTH-Desert (Napped)
    FINISH-Graphite-CLOTH-Legacy Red (Napped)
    FINISH-Graphite-CLOTH-Traditional Green (Napped)

    Product Details


    The Ella II pool table is styled with curved post legs, an arched cabinet and arched side blinds; all showcasing a smooth polished finish on solid hardwood. The Ella II billiard table is modern yet elegant for a contemporary look. Available in 7 and 8 foot lengths. We recommend purchasing the Perfect Drawer to hide the clutter and keep all of your pool table accessories out of site.

    Download the Ella II Spec Sheet:
    Ella II Spec Sheet

    Legacy Pool Tables include a Lifetime Warranty, Free Shipping, and Free Play Kit.

    7-foot - 92" x 53" x 31.5
    8-foot - 102.25" x 58.25" x 31.5"
    9-foot - 114" x 64" x 31.5"


    Multiple Finishes Available
    Leg Option
    Curved Post

    Table Construction
    1.25" Solid wood cabinet
    High torque t-nut fasteners
    Patented all wood corner construction

    Rail Sights
    Diamond pearl

    Leather drop pockets

    3 piece 1" backed

    Post Leg Construction
    Post Leg Design for Pool Tables

    Our post leg construction is designed so the panels are inserted in the legs. This allows the weight to be transferred directly to the legs and not rely on hardware to carry the weight of the slate

    Fortress Power Rail
    Legacy Rail Design

    Fortress Power Rail with its 3/4" laminated T-nut securely attach the rails to the table.

    Room Size Chart
    Use this chart to determine the room size needed for a particular table and cue combination.

    Pool Table Room Size Chart

    Seven foot table: 3.5' x 7'
    A - 11' x 14'
    B - 12' x 15'
    C - 13' x 16'

    Eight foot table: 4' x 8'
    A - 12' x 15'
    B - 12' x 16'
    C - 13' x 17'

    Nine foot table: 4.5' x 9'
    A - 12' x 16'
    B - 13' x 17'
    C - 14' x 18'