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  • When to Change a Pool Table Cloth

    Most pool tables are made of slate, which is a nearly-indestructible material that can last for decades.  The cloth covering the pool table, however, won’t last forever.  While it may last for over a decade under normal home use, it eventually will need replacing.  Just as Astroturf on a football field wears over time, pool table felt wears with use and age.

    This wear is the result of friction.  While the pool balls themselves do not damage the felt, they do collect pool chalk that acts as an abrasive, like sandpaper, tearing away at the fibers of the felt.  The felt can also be damaged by falling or bouncing balls. While the damage is unfortunate, it’s considered a normal side-effect of playing pool.

    While it might be difficult to see if a cloth needs replacing by sight alone, sliding your fingers along the surface should help you judge.  If the cloth feels bristly, like beard stubble, or if it’s easy to pick pieces of fuzz and lint off the table, then it’s time to consider a replacement.  Also consider a replacement if the felt responds to pressure from your hand with movement or bunching.  When replacing pool table cloth, it’s best to use a high-quality brand such as Strachan, Matrix, Hainsworth or Eddie Charlton.

    If the pool table cloth has been damaged by missed shots - i.e., the cue misses the ball and scratches the table, a complete felt replacement may not be necessary.  The first step would be to purchase pool table cleaner from a professional billiard shop, and clean the area to remove any marks.  If there are any small holes in the cloth, patch kits are available to fix them, although any patching will leave seams behind that could hinder play.

    The best way to maintain your pool table cloth is to keep it covered when not in use, and keep it clean.  It’s also a good idea to try and avoid making a lot of jump shots or trick shots, as these can crush the felt and it never fully recovers.

  • Legacy Billiards Buyer's Guide: Legacy Rails Are Engineered To Last

    Hello. I'm Cris Gould with Legacy Billiards.
    One of the most important features in a table is how the rails are secured to the slate.
    The hardware that's used to tighten these rails has a lot to do with how your table plays.
    Some manufacturers use nut plates, some use inserts held with three screws.
    While other manufacturers use a device called a T-nut. It's manufactured for the furniture industry and provides the best torque possible to secure the playability of your table.
    Legacy uses the largest T-Nut in the industry to promote better play for you.
    Along with the type of hardware that's used to secure the rail, how the hardware is held in the rail is very important to how the table plays.
    Many manufacturers use a softwood sub rail to hold their hardwood fastener.
    Legacy uses a hardwood core, inserts the fastener, glues the core back into the rail and allows for the most torque possible to secure the rail to the table. This means better playability for you.

  • What a Man Really Needs?

    what a man really needs

    Made by Legacy Billiards

  • Legacy Billiards Buyer's Guide: Billiard Table Slate

    Hello. I'm Cris Gould with Legacy Billiards.
    One of the key components of a billiard table is the billiard slate.
    There are tables that are offered in non-slate versions, but those are not going to meet the expectations that many consumers have.
    Slate comes in varying thicknesses from half-inch all the way up to two inch.
    One-inch is considered the standard in the industry and that's the size that you see professionals playing on when you see them on TV.
    Legacy Billiards offers one inch slate tables on every model that they sell.
    Slate has only two purposes, one is to maintain a flat level surface and the others to provide weight.
    Both of these things are provided on every Legacy Table that you would buy.

  • Legacy How-to: Shuffleboard Maintenance

    Hello. This is Cris Gould from Legacy Billiards.
    One of the most exciting product categories we've introduced have been shuffleboard tables. We offer several sizes from 9 foot to 16 foot. One of the important things i want to talk about is how to maintain and properly put shuffleboard wax on the play surface.
    Often this is misunderstood by many people, so we're going to demonstrate how this procedure works. Legacy offers two different products that will be needed to use. One is our Black Ice Shuffleboard wax and the other is a product called Black Ice Silicone Spray.

  • Legacy Buyer's Guide: Quality Built Shuffleboards

    Hello. This is Cris Gould from Legacy Billiards. I wanted to talk about some of the features that distinguish the quality of a great shuffleboard. Legacy uses a polymer poured top on all surfaces of their shuffleboard with a quarter inch thick. The most important feature of the polymer top is that during the manufacturing process there is no air underneath the polymer. If there were an air pocket and something like a puck were to fall on the top, it would crack it and cause damage to the shuffleboard. All of our poured surface playfields come with a lifetime warranty to ensure that no cracking happens. We test every playfield by dropping pucks to make sure no air is underneath.

  • Shuffleboard Adjustments

    The next things that i want to talk about that are important to a new purchase of a shuffleboard are three basic adjustments that have to be done for the leveling and the playability of the board.
    One obviously is through the legs, making sure that the board is flat from side to side and through the ends.
    If it's not flat, obviously the puck would slide off to one side.
    Another important adjustment is what's called sway. Because the shuffleboards use leg levelers we're able to raise the ends of the board and create a sway for the play field.
    This is what controls the puck's speed. Obviously, if it did not have this feature and the play field were to arch, the pucks would simply slide off the end, and you couldn't play it accurately.
    The third adjustment is the climate adjusters that are underneath the play field.
    That's a set of hardware put in specific places along the playing field that actually apply pressure to the wood and curve the board.
    This curving of the playing field allows the puck to remain on the play field and actually puts a small curve at the end right over the scoring zone.
    This is the proper way that a shuffle board should be adjusted for tournament play.

  • Legacy Billiards Buyer's Guide - Legacy only uses solid hardwood for their tables

    Hello. I'm Cris Gould with Legacy Billiards.
    I want to talk about one of the most common misconceptions about how billiard tables are described in the industry today.
    A lot of companies refer to their product as being made out of solid hardwood.
    This is not true. Many times they're described as all wood. All wood means they could be plywood, MDF, they could also be another product called SPF. All of these products are simply not solid hardwood but they are made up of hardwood components glued together that are categorized as all wood. Legacy only uses solid hardwood materials and components in all their tables across the line. When you're shopping for the right product for something with high value, make sure you look for solid hardwood.

  • Billiard Table Cloth Maintenance

    A common question when purchasing a Billiard Table is how long will the cloth last.
    Since the cloth is not covered by the warranty of the billiard table because it's wear is determined by the person that uses it as well as what it would it be subjected to in the home. There are two different things you can do to promote the life and longevity of your cloth.
    One is proper brushing. Never use a vacuum on your cloth.
    Vacuuming will pull dust particles from the slate through the cloth putting pin holes in it and quickly wear down the life of that cloth.
    When you use a brush the brush has a cut-out with longer bristles on the end.
    When you press down on the brush those long bristles will go under the rail and you simply brush the cloth straight from one end of the table to the other.
    One direction all the time. This is the best way to keep the cloth clean and will promote the life of your clock doing that

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