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Guide to Billiard Cloth: Napped vs. Worsted.

billiard clothThere are several different brands of billiard cloth, but basically only two types: Napped and Worsted. Napped billiard cloth is considered standard and is generally included with most tables purchased by consumers. Worsted billiard cloth is a higher quality and is noted for its enhanced playability and durability.

Napped cloth is a loop weave, and has a “nap” to it as the name describes. It requires more brushing, a little more maintenance, and may slow the ball down a bit in standard play. If you’re an average player and want to save a little bit of money on your table purchase, napped cloth may be right for you.

Worsted cloth is a flatter weave and is more expensive, but it promotes a faster play of ball and prolongs the life of the cloth. If you want professional-grade playability from your table, and want to ensure the quality of your cloth doesn’t deteriorate in the future, worsted is your best choice.

A great option for both napped and worsted cloth is called Teflon Treatment. Teflon helps to cloth resist moisture and guards the cloth from staining. For a demonstration of what Teflon Treatment can do for you billiard cloth, check out our Billiard Cloth Video Guide.

2 thoughts on “Guide to Billiard Cloth: Napped vs. Worsted.”

  • Jack Irwin

    I hope you can help me. My pool table cloth is fairly new. However, when I shoot at an object ball it seems the ob and cb slip or slide slightly. It just seems a little to smooth to hold the balls properly. I hope I am explaining it well enough that you know what I am experiencing. Is there anything I can do to make the texture of cloth grip a little?

    • admin

      The cb & ob will always “side” a bit when struck depending on the velocity and the angle which it is struck. If the cloth is worsted, this is pretty typical. It sometimes help to thoroughly clean and polish the balls to residual silicone off the surface.

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