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The Perfect Drawer

List Price $499.00

Our Price $399.00

The Perfect Drawer

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List Price $499.00

Our Price $399.00

Quick Overview

Add Storage to Almost Any Table

Whether installing on a new table or adding to a table purchased in the past, Legacy’s patented Perfect Drawer (USA patent no. US8177650) is the first and only attachable drawer made for storing all your billiard accessories uniquely and safely under your billiard table. Available in sizes made to fit virtually any seven, eight or nine-foot table, the Perfect Drawer is easy to install without any special tools. And when not in use, the Perfect Drawer is tucked neatly under your table, and out of sight.

"Your pool table is the centerpiece of your game room. Keep the clutter to a minimum with the Perfect Drawer."

Legacy warrants The Perfect Drawer to be free from defects in manufacturers workmanship or materials, with the exception of normal wear and tear for the period of (1) Year warranty from the date of original purchase by the consumer.

*Easy to Install
*Fits almost any brand- 7ft, 8ft, or 9ft table
*Patented Hardware with Air-Lift Technology
*Convenient Storage of Billiard Balls, Racks, Brushes, chalk & more
*Quality felt lined drawer
*Securely Store Expensive Cues

Specs & Dimensions
*7ft drawer-stores up to five unassembled 2pc cues.
Drawer Weight: 20lbs overall 32lbs
Dimensions: 26 1/2 x 37 7/8 x 2 1/2

*8ft or 9ft drawer-stores up to six assembled 2pc cues.
Drawer Weight: 26llbs overall 36lbs
Dimensions: 23 1/2 x 59 7/8 x 2 1/2

*9ft drawer requires the 9' adapter kit and the 8ft drawer.

Pool Table Rack

NOTE* Tables with Center Beams:
If your table has a center beam you will need to purchase a Center Beam Adapter Kit. If you have a 9' table, you will need an 8ft drawer, 9ft adapter kit and Center Beam Adapter Kit.

“What does the Perfect Drawer do for you?

No more cluttered cue racks, misplaced chalk getting ground down under your shoes into yournice carpet, or conversations or games being interrupted as you search around the room for that one missing thing. Pool cue racks are an acceptable game room storage option, but nothing beats having a hidden pool table drawer that can hold, and store, everything.

Having one central place to store all of your pool table accessories means much more than just less clutter to look at and stress over (an incredible benefit on its own). This means less time spent searching and more time simply playing the game; more time enjoying the company; more time talking with friends, mocking those bad shots, praising those good ones.

Maybe you’re not even the one who currently gets stuck with the cleaning up—maybe you are the one getting yelled at by the one doing the cleaning up. This helps with that problem, too! After the game, you just put everything back into the pool cue holder, where everything has its clear place, and that’s that: everything is clean, and no one’s in the doghouse.

What is life like when you get to spend more time doing what you want, more time just spent with the people you want to be with, and less time on everything else? That’s simple, cleaner and much more enjoyable. Enjoy your life more—spend more time doing the things you want to do.

Sure, there are some pool tables with a cue drawer already built in, but if you do not already have one of those, why would you ever spend the money on an entirely new table when this billiard table drawer is so affordable? You are a smart shopper, and you want a smart answer. This is a sleek, modern drawer that tucks completely out of sight under the table. It is compatible with nearly all tables of any size, style, and maker. Store your billiards accessories and pool cue racks easily and securely—with this pool table drawer out of sight, feel comfortable storing your expensive accessories. And with the Perfect Drawer’s patented hardware and felt-lined design, you know that you are purchasing another quality Legacy Billiards product.

“Looking forward to selling the Perfect Drawer to my customers. It will be a great new product for all future pool table customers, along with providing me a great opportunity to reach out to all my past customers with an exciting new product.” - Al Klopf Citrus Park Billiards & Furniture


"The perfect drawer is brilliant! This is a great opportunity to reach out to past customers with something that will provide a tremendous amount of convenience and an extra sale for the retailer." - Arash Amini Amini's Home, Rugs & Game Room


"Legacy has answered the call once again! Customers have always wanted a way to keep their accessories out of sight and organized. The introduction of the Perfect Drawer will allow us to provide this to our past, present and future customers. Targeting our past service and sales tickets with this add-on will be a bonus this year for additional sales.” - Daniel Cuevas, Universal Billiards


Barry Smith
CEO - Kelowna Pool Tables, Ltd

"We have not had one customer complaint on the quality of Legacy's product. Our orders are filled quickly and with great service."



The Perfect Drawer stores all of my pool table accessories. I have less clutter to look at and more time to play the game and enjoy my company.


Your pool table is the centerpiece of your game room. Keep the clutter to a minimum with the Perfect Drawer.


The Perfect Drawer provides Perfect Storage.

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