Jere Duffey-Partner/President

Jere is founder and serves as President of Legacy Billiards And Oversees the entire operation for Legacy and Exact USA Collierville offices.

Prior to establishing and developing Legacy Billiards in 2002, Jere was Executive VP, of furniture component parts from 1986-2002 and a Managing Partner with Contact Inc. Exact Commerce, USA has retained and is still conducting Business with some of those same customers today. With over 30 years of leadership, sales and marketing Experience, Jere brings a passion that gets your blood racing With excitement. He is a man of integrity and truly Lives by his motto “Exceeding Expectations”.


Cris Gould –VP of Sales & Marketing

Cris serves as VP of Sales and Marketing for Legacy Billiards. 
While overseeing day to day sales and marketing functions, Cris develops and implements sales and marketing strategies, Monitors and analyzing sales goals, methods, and costs. 
Cris also, manages the outside sales team while developing And retaining key Dealer accounts. Prior to Cris joining the Legacy Family In 2006, he worked for Connelly Billiards for 11 years. With over 20 years in the billiard industry, Cris has been Instrumental in Legacy, enjoying seven consecutive years of Strong growth and success. His technical knowledge of the Industry is unmatched and he is dedicated to further Strengthening and positioning Legacy to be the industry leader.