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  • Why Matching Game Room Furniture is Important

    The days of a pool table in the corner of the basement or the garage are long past.  Game rooms are now a popular part of the home and a center of entertainment and social gathering for a family.  You want your game room to reflect the same style and unique character as the other main rooms of your home.

    Traditional or contemporary, your home has a design that compliments the unique personality of your family.  Guests feel welcome.   Your family is comfortable and at home.  A large part of this design revolves around your selection of furniture.

    Coordinated Appearance

    Think about the planning and consideration you put into designing your living room or family room.  Like most people you selected the furniture with care coordinating it with the overall décor or the room.  The goal is creating a certain feeling and ambience for your family and guests.  The game room should be designed with the same care.

    Matching the game room furniture and the pool table is essential to creating a unified appearance.  The pool table, as the focal point in the room, will naturally draw the eye.  Coordinating furniture such as the bar, tables, and chairs allows the entire room to feel put together and planned.

    More than Finish and Style

    Hopefully you’ve selected a high quality pool table for your game room.  This table is solidly constructed and built to last over several years of enthusiastic play.  It’s important, therefore, that you select furniture with a similar quality construction.

    Matching game room furniture is by definition constructed from the same quality materials as the table itself.  The hardwood construction and quality workmanship ensure durability.  You can count on the utility of your tables and chairs over the life of your pool table.

    Legacy is unique among fine billiard table manufacturers.  We create complimentary game room furniture for the pool tables we craft.  This furniture is designed with the same eye to detail as our pool tables and is held to the same standards of craftsmanship.

    What Will Your Game Room Include in the Future?

    Over time the interests of your family will change.  Your children will grow up and leave home.  New games may capture your interest and attention.  Your budget may allow the addition of a shuffleboard table or wet bar.  When you begin with quality matching furniture your game room can easily adapt to your changing requirements.

    Legacy Billiards offers entire lines of furniture and accessories designed to coordinate with your pool table.  You benefit from the ability to make additions to your game room without concern.  Everything you add will fit in with your existing décor seamlessly.

    Occasionally replacement furniture is necessary.  While every piece we make is designed for beauty and durability, the circumstances of life can damage even the most finely crafted furniture.  Our matching furniture groups make replacement and supplemental furniture available without searching or headache.

    Create a Showroom Quality Game Room

    When you focus your game room around a quality pool table, you lay the foundation of a showroom quality experience for your family and friends.  Adding a bar and tables along with seating that exactly matches your table builds upon that foundation.  Legacy Billiards makes it simple to have the showcase game room of your dreams.

  • Adding a Dartboard to Your Game Room

    Adding a dartboard to your game room creates more than just a friendly pub like atmosphere.  A dartboard brings out the competitive spirit of even the closest friends.  There’s just something exciting about standing with a beverage in one hand and a sharp object in the other locked in a friendly competition.  It’s a spark of energy to get the party started.

    Are Dartboards Safe?

    If you are designing a game room for use by your entire family you may be concerned about safety and hesitant about adding a dartboard.  This is an understandable concern for families.   Dartboards are not designed with children in mind.  With simple precautions, however, a dartboard is appropriate for any game room.

    A dartboard can be safely encased in a cabinet.  This cabinet hides the dartboard when not in use and also provides protection to the wall behind the board itself.  Even without a cabinet, mounting a dartboard on a wall protector is a good idea to protect the surrounding wall space from misthrows.  The darts themselves should always be stored in a safe place away from children when not in use.

    What Are the Space Requirements for a Dartboard?

    Compared to other game room activities, a game of darts requires a small amount of space.  The board itself is mounted on the wall and players throw darts from behind the toe line.  The toe line can be a simple flat mark on the floor but is usually a 1 ½” raised bar approximately two feet long.

    The toe bar must be 7’ 9 ½” from the dartboard itself.  It is incorrect to measure from the wall.  The board hangs on the wall and therefore juts out a bit from it.  If your dartboard is mounted inside a cabinet the difference in distance can be significant.

    What is the Best Way to Hang a Dartboard?

    Dartboards are mounted at a height of 5’ 8” from the ground.  This distance is measured from the center of the board itself to the ground.  Most high quality boards have a ring at the center back of the board to make calculating the distance relatively simple.  Just measure the height and mark the wall.  You are now ready to mount the board.

    Most dartboards are mounted using a mounting bracket.  The bracket mounts to the wall at the position of your mark.  The board is then screwed to the bracket.  If your board uses a top wire hanger instead of a mounting bracket, measure the distance from the center of the board to the wire and then add that distance to the required 5’ 8” for proper mounting. 

    Dartboard Options

    A traditional dartboard is designed for use with steel tipped or sharp darts.  These boards are made with fibers to guide the darts to the board and hold them tight.  These fibers prevent ricocheting darts.  Most boards found in bars and pubs are this type of fiber board.

    Some dartboards are electronic and self-scoring.  With an electronic dartboard the score is updated after each shot, increasing the competitive atmosphere.  This increased competition requires an increased investment as electronic dartboards are typical more expensive than traditional fiber boards.

    If you are concerned about safety or want your dartboard to be appropriate for even the smaller children in your home, you might want to select a magnetic or soft tip dartboard.  Magnetic boards use magnets in both the darts and the board itself.  The blunt tipped darts cling to the board without risk of damage to walls or individuals.  Soft tipped darts use fibers similar to Velcro and attach softly to the board itself.

    Adding a dartboard to your game room is a relatively low cost way to increase the enjoyment of the entire group.  Select the size, style and design that are most appealing to you.  You’ll be pleased with the results.

  • Carpet and Pool Tables

    Carpet Image

    Is your game room carpeted?  While carpet softens and warms a room, especially in colder climates or finished basements, carpeting presents challenges for your pool table.  A stable, level floor is essential to proper positioning of your table.  While carpet is not the best option, with understanding you can have carpet and your pool table at the same time.

    Carpeting Challenges

    Most carpet rests on a cushion of foam padding.  This padding provides the cushy feeling of carpet on your feet and protects the carpet from moisture or damage from the subfloor itself.  Finished basements, especially, require thick padding under carpet to soften the typically concrete subfloor under foot and prevent moisture from damaging carpet fibers.  Padding is great for carpet, but not so good for pool tables.

    Padding Is made of foam and is crushed by the weight of your pool table.  It takes a few weeks for the padding to crush down to its final thickness under your table, making leveling a challenge.  When you place a pool table on carpet you should expect to adjust the level as the carpet changes shape and settles.

    Unfortunately, the crushed padding will not assume its original shape when the pool table is removed.  Not an issue if you plan to live in your home indefinitely and have no plans to remove the pool table.  If, however, you repurpose your game room or wish to move your table the carpet will show noticeable dents where the pool table was positioned.   If you try to sell your home you will need to either replace the carpet or explain the dents to potential buyers.

    Replacing carpet beneath your pool table is complicated.  Carpet is stretched during installation to remove wrinkles and bumps.  There is no way to stretch the carpet under a sitting pool table.  Instead, your installers will lift the table one end at a time and roll the carpet beneath it.  They will then stretch the carpet in all four directions away from your table.  Not the best possible solution.

    Positioning Your Pool Table on Carpet

    Installing a pool table on carpet is tricky business.  Moving the table into the room can damage the delicate fibers of your carpet, leaving tracks from the door to the table’s ultimate home.  To avoid this lay a tarp or heavy cloth over the carpet and slide the table dolly across along it.  When the table is in position, remove the tarp.

    Leveling on Carpet

    Although you will have to make adjustments, a good step towards getting your table's level correct is waiting two or three days after the weight of the slate has been on your carpet before beginning the leveling process. Level the table in its current position using wooden shims.  This is a trial and error process sometimes involving multiple adjustments until the table is level.  You can gauge the level of the table by using a marble placed at the center of the playing surface.  It should not move or roll in any way on a level table.

    As the carpet settles, your table will lose its level status.  You will begin to notice changes in the quality of play.  The marble test will show you the amount of change in your table’s position.  At this point you will need to adjust the shims and level the table again.

  • Billiard Table Lighting Options

    Proper lighting is essential to a good pool game.  The light should be focused and bright enough to allow players to comfortably see the entire table without glare or distraction.  The light source should provide clear lighting without casting shadows on the playing surface.  That being said, there are a number of options for top quality lighting that enhances the overall theme and style of your game room.

    Lighting Requirements for Optimal Play

    A billiard table is the centerpiece of any game room.  Adding an overhead hanging light adds to the beauty of your table while also providing a well-lit playing surface.  The best position for a hanging fixture is 33” – 36” above the slate playing surface.

    Consider adjusting the size and length of the lighting fixture to match the size and length of your table.  Be careful not to overwhelm a smaller table with too much lighting but be sure to provide enough lighting to cover the entire surface area of a larger table.  As a frame of reference, an 8’ table typically is best served by a fixture at least 42” long with three bulbs.

    Since glare can be a distraction during play, consider using frosted incandescent bulbs of about 60 watts.  They provide a soft, warm light that is comfortable for players but still brightly illuminates the entire playing surface.

    Match Lighting Style to the Theme of Your Game Room

    Pool is more than a game.  It’s an enjoyable experience for you, your family and your guests.  A large part of that experience is found in the atmosphere of your game room.  The lighting you choose for your billiard table can and should be a part of the theme of your room.

    • Traditional – Is your table traditionally styled with ornate turned legs and beautiful woodwork?  Does your game room have the appearance of an exclusive gentleman’s club?  If so, consider traditional lighting.  Beautiful hanging billiard lights with a bar and three to four lamp shades are available in many styles including etched or frosted glass, tiffany style stained glass, or crystal.
    •  Modern – Perhaps your game room is modern, full of contemporary furniture and a sleek lined billiard table.  Consider lighting that uses either a bar and three to four polished metal shades or a single long shade with the same sleek lines as the rest of your room.  If your room is ultra-modern you may even consider track lighting mounted on the ceiling with targeted lighting directed on the playing surface.
    •  Sports or Hobby Themed – Tiffany style lighting is easily customizable to reflect your favorite team, sport or hobby.  If your game room is a reflection of your favorite football, baseball or basketball team you can find a stained glass billiard light that carries on the theme.  In fact, a customizable shade is available for branches of the military, hobbies, or any other theme you choose.  You can even have one specially made to display your name if you choose.
    •  Rustic – Some game rooms are rustic, giving the appearance of a hunting lodge or old western pool hall.  Billiard lighting is available in this theme as well.  Stagecoach lanterns, billiard lights made from antlers, and wagon wheels are just some of the options available.


    The lighting over your billiard table is a wonderful way to tie your game room theme together and create a total atmosphere of fun and relaxation.  No matter which theme you choose, coordinating your lighting to the billiard table itself and the other features and furniture in the room gives your game room a decorator’s touch.

  • Game Room Guide: Adding a Pinball Machine

    So you’ve got the billiard table with all the accessories, a top-of-the-line shuffleboard, a killer dartboard and a home bar that rivals the finest pubs and bars the world over. What’s the next step for making this game room legendary? For us it’s an American classic: the pinball machine.

    Dating back to the early 20th century, pinball machines have been a staple in bars, arcades and game rooms alike. A pinball machine can be a great way to add variety and personality to your game room or man cave, and really, who doesn’t like pinball?

    Here are a few tips we suggest you follow when buying a pinball machine for your game room.

    First, look at the date it was made. If it was made after 1978, (the year pinball machines became “modern”) repairs and maintenance should be a breeze. If it’s pre-1978, chances are that even though it has a great retro look, you’re going to need to spend a ton of money to get it working.

    Since the advent of cheaper to buy, home video game consoles. The number of new pinball games produced each year has gone down drastically. While you can still buy a brand-spanking new machine, you’ll have a wider variety of options when you shop in the used market.

    Depending on the condition, demand and rarity of the machine you can plan on spending anywhere from a few thousand all the way to $20,000 and beyond. We researched market values on Ebay, but you can always look out for better prices at local arcade game auctions or deal your area’s craigslist.

    Once it’s in your game room, you may need to have in serviced in the future. In order for your machine to work properly, you’ll need it serviced by an expert every few years. Take good care of your machine, and you should have years of enjoyment ahead of you.

    Need help completing your game room project? Download our free Game Room Guide e-book today! In it, you’ll find tips on putting together a complete and long lasting game room the entire family can enjoy. From flooring and lighting to furniture options and design, this guide is your one-stop resource for turning an ordinary room to the most fun spot in the house. Check out it now!

  • Billiard Room Flooring

    pool table on an area rugAn important thing that is often overlooked when designing a game room is the type of flooring to be used.  When something as large and heavy as a Pool Table is in the room, special consideration must be taken to have the proper floor covering below the table.

    Weight Support

    As we said, your table is heavy. Pool tables can easily weigh 1,000+ pounds.  Add that to the weight of other furniture in the room and people enjoying the room and the importance of the right flooring and covering becomes pretty evident.

    Below the flooring, you want to make sure the support system is stable enough to accommodate the weight of your Pool table and game room contents.  If your unsure your floor can hold a billiard table, consult an engineer before placing it in the room. Once you are certain the structure is sturdy and sound, it's time to look at the different floor covering options.

    Flooring Surfaces

    A level playing table is what you want to aim for when installing a Pool table.  Carpet seams, although not visible, can affect the level of the table. If you're putting your table on carpet, wait a few days after slate installation for the table to "settle" into the carpet before you do the final leveling process.

    pool table on hardwood flooringHardwood flooring is going to add some extra stability to the floor.  It's recommended that you put an area rug under the table that is big enough for all four legs to be on the rug to keep the table from sliding.

    Tile is a strong option for the floor but you're taking a chance on chipping or breakage when balls come off the table- both to the floor and possibly the balls.
    Legacy pool table on area rug and hardwood floorOn hardwood or tile, an area rug can both protect your flooring from stray balls as well as prevent any small possibility of your table sliding under heavy pressure. Just be sure to make sure that your table has "settled" before leveling. In lieu of an area rug, rubber mats can perform a similar function.  You can find them in many colors, they're easy to keep clean, and the table won't slide. If you don't like the appearance of the floor mat, you can attach pieces of the mat to the bottom the table's feet when it is installed.
    The biggest thing to keep in mind is a level table and the weight of the equipment. Deciding on the right floor covering for your game room is going to go a long way in the lasting of your equipment and accessories.
  • Game Room Seating Options

    game room seatingSo you've got the perfect pool table for your game room, and it's time invite people over to check it out. But wait... where's everybody going to sit? We've got you covered with some great game room seating options.

    So, let's start planning our seating arrangement with the minimum amount of people needed to play pool: two. Consider a spectator chair that gives players a comfortable place to sit while waiting on their turn to shoot. These chairs are specifically designed for game rooms and are meant to be used along with the billiard table. These chairs also have a place to rest a pool cue and set down your drink.

    So you've got enough space for you and your buddy to sit when you're playing pool. What happens when word gets out and more people want to check out your game room? A pub set is an easy and affordable way to provide a small entertainment area near the billiard table. Pub tables come in many sizes, a 30-inch diameter pub table is designed for smaller rooms and should have 2 barstools to make the set complete. A 36-inch diameter pub is adequate for larger rooms and can hold as many as 4 barstools, and can easily be expanded to accommodate 6 seats with a conversion top. Pub sets also come in various heights. With 40 to 42-inch heights being the standard, depending on your room’s size and placement of the pub. The 36-inch café height may be used to avoid interference with the pool cue during play. Also, make sure the pub seating you choose corresponds with the height of your table. If you purchase a 36-inch high café table you’ll need a 25-inch high café stool while a 40 to 42-inch high table will require a 30-inch high pub stool.

    At this point, if you have five friends over, everybody has a place to relax, watch pool and enjoy a cold beverage. If you're game room gets even more jam-packed, think about getting a home bar set.

  • Creating the Perfect Sports Fan Atmosphere in Your Game Room

    Make Game Day Legendary with a Sports Themed Game Room

    So you've got the perfect game room set-up: a top of the line billiard table, bar set, and a 60-inch flatscreen. If you haven't decided on a theme yet, and you're a huge sports fan, why not try decorating the space with colors and accessories that reflect your favorite sports team.

    Start by theming your wall with team colors, themed wall paper or framed posters and jerseys. When considering your lighting options, try adding neon pub signs or a billiard lamp that fits the with your team's color personality.

    If you don't already have a pool table in your game room, pick one out the coordinates with your team's color scheme. You can get custom billiard cloth in both the napped and worsted varieties in almost every color imaginable.

    If you've ever shopped around for licensed merchandise from the NFL, NBA or NCAA you'll realize that if they can theme it, they will sell it. Everything from throw rugs, pillows, and lamps to shower curtains and tooth brush holders. The bottom line: it's extremely easy to fine home decor accessories that go with your team.

    Have Your Very Own Sports Bar at Home

    A home bar is an excellent way entertain guests in your game room, but once you add a sports theme it can also make your house the go to spot for watching the big game. Take it even further by adding glassware that features the logo of your favorite team.

    Have Your Tailgate Party at Home

    Take your ultimate fan experience to the next level by hosting the next game-day party. Your game room is already the best spot in the house for entertaining, but if you've just a sports theme, it's even better!

    Get the guys together to shoot some pool, enjoy a round of shuffleboard or play cards before kick-off. Have a tailgate party in the comfort of your own home with some cold beverages and some snacks.

  • Enjoying a “Stay-cation” in Your Game Room.

    With rising prices on gas and airfare, many Americans are foregoing the traditional vacation and staying closer to home. If you have a game room in your home, you already have an excellent spot to host a “stay-cation” for your family.

    Your game room is already the most fun spot in the house, so naturally it can be the center for your “stay-cation” activities. Your pool table, shuffleboard, entertainment system or video games all serve as sources of entertainment. The return on your investment in a high-quality game room project is the hours of fun you can enjoy with friends and family. So save a little money, and kick back and relax in your own house.

    You should plan your stay-cation the same way you would plan a regular getaway. Pick out the dates and pack your schedule with fun activities you can do throughout. You can have a pool or shuffleboard tournament on Tuesday, a movie marathon on Wednesday, and a cocktail night for the grownups on Thursday. It can be everything you’d enjoy at resort without the price tag.

    A vacation is not just time spent away from work or school; it’s also a mindset. When you start your stay-cation, declare an embargo on chores and housework. If you start worrying about yard work, vacuuming or doing laundry, relax with a game of pool and a refreshing drink in the game room. Planning your time ensures that you won't let your stay-cation end up being a couple of boring nights in front of the TV.

    If you’re a social butterfly, considering hosting a get together in your game room to close out your stay-cation in style. Start by hosting a pool or shuffleboard tournament or play pill pool, a billiards variety that accommodates up to 16 players at once. Take your party to the next level by serving drinks and refreshments at your home bar - an always popular option.

  • Game Room Maintenance Tips

    Keeping everything well maintained and clean in your game room is going to help ensure your pool table and equipment last a long time and give great play.


    The easiest way to keep your game room maintained is making sure all of your accessories have a designated place for storage.  This can be a seating bench with storage under the seat, cue racks on the wall or a cue stand in the corner or even the addition of Legacy's Perfect Drawer mounted to your table.
    Once you have the designated "place" for everything, stay in the habit of putting things back when not in use.


    Keeping the cloth on your pool table clean is another challenge.  Dust, pet hair, crumbs, lint and debris seem to collect pretty quick on there; especially along the edges and under the rails and in the pockets.  Invest in a good table felt brush to gently sweep all particles in a straight motion from the edges towards the center or from one end towards the other.  Don't use circular motions.  Some people use a hand held vacuum on their cloth but this invites the risk of stretching the felt which makes it loose on the table.  If you keep your cloth maintained and cleaned on a regular basis, you can easily add a few years to how long it will go before needing replacement.


    Another thing to keep in mind with your felt, when playing, make sure players aren't wearing any jewelry or watches that may snag on the felt and rip it or pull on it.  And don't go too crazy with the chalk.  Every time you chalk your tip, that adds more dust that works its way down through the cloth and, over time, wears down the felt.
    For the woodwork and leather, avoid harsh chemical cleaners and stick to cleaners specifically designated for wood or leather.  A leather cleaner with natural oils will help keep your leather supple and prolong the life of your pockets.  Apply any cleaner as directed.  Buff with a clean soft cotton cloth to remove any excess product.


    Depending on how often you play, it's a good idea to clean the balls often.  Clean balls and a clean table is going to prolong the life of all of your equipment and keep your shots accurate.
    To clean your billiard balls, warm soapy water will do the trick.  Simply use a damp cloth and wipe each ball to remove chalk and wear marks.  Never use bleach or ammonia as your cleanser.  Just a gentle, small amount of soap in warm water.  Another option is a cleaner specifically for your balls.  Your local game room dealer can help you with a selection. Don't put damp balls on the felt during cleaning.  Pool tables and moisture do not get along!


    For those of you that have darts, keep your board dust and lint free and store all darts in a safe place where the tips and flights are protected.  Replace flights when worn and tips when bent.


    Keeping the room in general tidy will, in turn, make it easier to keep your game room equipment and accessories clean.

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