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Shuffleboard Adjustments

The next things that i want to talk about that are important to a new purchase of a shuffleboard are three basic adjustments that have to be done for the leveling and the playability of the board.
One obviously is through the legs, making sure that the board is flat from side to side and through the ends.
If it's not flat, obviously the puck would slide off to one side.
Another important adjustment is what's called sway. Because the shuffleboards use leg levelers we're able to raise the ends of the board and create a sway for the play field.
This is what controls the puck's speed. Obviously, if it did not have this feature and the play field were to arch, the pucks would simply slide off the end, and you couldn't play it accurately.
The third adjustment is the climate adjusters that are underneath the play field.
That's a set of hardware put in specific places along the playing field that actually apply pressure to the wood and curve the board.
This curving of the playing field allows the puck to remain on the play field and actually puts a small curve at the end right over the scoring zone.
This is the proper way that a shuffle board should be adjusted for tournament play.

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