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  • Game Room Guide: Adding a Pinball Machine

    So you’ve got the billiard table with all the accessories, a top-of-the-line shuffleboard, a killer dartboard and a home bar that rivals the finest pubs and bars the world over. What’s the next step for making this game room legendary? For us it’s an American classic: the pinball machine.

    Dating back to the early 20th century, pinball machines have been a staple in bars, arcades and game rooms alike. A pinball machine can be a great way to add variety and personality to your game room or man cave, and really, who doesn’t like pinball?

    Here are a few tips we suggest you follow when buying a pinball machine for your game room.

    First, look at the date it was made. If it was made after 1978, (the year pinball machines became “modern”) repairs and maintenance should be a breeze. If it’s pre-1978, chances are that even though it has a great retro look, you’re going to need to spend a ton of money to get it working.

    Since the advent of cheaper to buy, home video game consoles. The number of new pinball games produced each year has gone down drastically. While you can still buy a brand-spanking new machine, you’ll have a wider variety of options when you shop in the used market.

    Depending on the condition, demand and rarity of the machine you can plan on spending anywhere from a few thousand all the way to $20,000 and beyond. We researched market values on Ebay, but you can always look out for better prices at local arcade game auctions or deal your area’s craigslist.

    Once it’s in your game room, you may need to have in serviced in the future. In order for your machine to work properly, you’ll need it serviced by an expert every few years. Take good care of your machine, and you should have years of enjoyment ahead of you.

    Need help completing your game room project? Download our free Game Room Guide e-book today! In it, you’ll find tips on putting together a complete and long lasting game room the entire family can enjoy. From flooring and lighting to furniture options and design, this guide is your one-stop resource for turning an ordinary room to the most fun spot in the house. Check out it now!

  • Replacing the Billiard Cloth

    One of the most important parts of your billiard table is the cloth or felt. Billiard cloth promotes playability and gives your table a great look and personality.

    If you’ve owned your billiard table for several years, it might be time to consider replacing the billiard cloth. Replacing the cloth can make your table play much better if the cloth is worn. Also, if your table is starting to look worn, replacing the cloth can give it a brand-new look.

    If you find that your cloth is wearing out or has worn out, some people would consider attempting to replace the cloth themselves. Legacy recommends that you see a professional’s help to do a recovery, as it is a very difficult job. If you don’t know what you are doing, you could permanently damage the table and waste valuable time and money in the process.

    When a professional correctly replaces the cloth, it will promote and improve the playability of your table for years to come. If you want to make sure you’re table has the best available cloth and want to see what options you have, check out our guide to Billiard Cloth. (link to billiard cloth)

    For a closer look at replacing the billiard cloth, check out our video buyer’s guide.

  • Billiard Cushion

    One important feature of the table that most people are concerned about is the billiard cushion. Cushions are attached to the inner sides of the table’s wooden rails. Cushion rubber is what causes the billiard balls to bounce off the sides while minimizing the amount of energy that’s lost in the process.

    Many consumers remember tables of old where the cushions would dry out or get very hard and cause the table to play lousy. Now cushions have evolved to where there’s a lifetime warranty that’s provided on all billiard cushions for Legacy Billiards and other manufacturers as well. One difference to the Legacy Billiard cushion is that we do incorporate a canvas on the top of our cushion to aid in its stiffness and we have a contoured back of the cushion that allows us to have 33% more adhesion than any other billiard cushion available. That makes Legacy a better playing table.

    If you’d like to learn more about what makes Legacy’s billiard cushion the best value, check out our video buyer’s guide.

  • How to Score A Game of Tabletop Shuffleboard

    A shuffleboard is a great addition to a home game room and you can play teams so everyone can get in on the fun.

    Tabletop games consist of a series of frames, oftentimes in a best-of-three or best-of-five format. The length of each part of the series will depend on if you are playing singles or doubles.

    Here is a quick tutorial on keeping score in a game of shuffleboard:

    The scoring area is divided in to three sections:
    · Closest to the edge (3 points)
    · Short Middle section (2 points)
    · Long Middle section (1 point)

    A puck hanging over the edge of the table is worth 4 points.

    After all the pucks have been shot by taking alternating turns, the points are added up. First check to see which player/team has a puck closest to the edge. Points are awarded for each puck that has gone farther than the opponents best shot. For example, if a blue puck is closest to the edge and sitting in the three-point section and a red puck is in the two-point section, the blue player will earn three points for the round and the red player will earn none.

    In a singles match, the first player to earn 11 points wins the frame. A doubles team must earn 21 points to win the frame.

    For more information on How to Score a Game of Shuffleboard, check out our video how-to:


  • Green Materials: Heveawood, White Mahagony

    To build a quality Pool table, we believe there are two important considerations to take in to account: The materials used for construction and the assembly of the product.

    Standing true to our beliefs, we use Heveawood in our construction because of its durability and stability. From the Maple family of hardwoods, Heveawood has very little tendency to warp or crack, it is eco-friendly and its' dense grain is easily controlled in the drying process which results in very little shrinkage.

    Before a Heaveawood tree is harvested for use, its sap is used to make latex. The tree can produce the sap needed for latex up to 30 years. Heaveawood is only used for construction after it completes its sap producing cycle and dies. In eco-friendly manner, the tree is harvested and repurposed to be used in construction of long lasting, durable and quality products- like our Legacy Billiard Tables.

    We're proud to be using hardwood in the construction of our Pool Tables. Even prouder that we are able to do it in an earth friendly manner.

  • How to Maintain Your Shuffleboard

    Shuffleboard tables are one of the most exciting product categories we’ve introduced to our game room furniture line. We offer quality-built shuffleboards in several sizes from 9-foot to 16-foot.

    When purchasing a shuffleboard table it’s important to take proper maintenance and care into consideration. If you want to get the most from your shuffleboard table, you’ll need to regularly apply shuffleboard wax on the play surface.

    Legacy offers two different products that will maximize playability and extend the life of your shuffleboard table: Legacy’s Black Ice Shuffleboard Wax and Black Ice Silicone Spray.

    Often the process of applying wax to the table is misunderstood, but it’s actually a very simple procedure that takes only a few minutes if done properly. First spray Legacy’s Black Ice Silicone Spray to the table surface and let it sit for a few minutes. Then, apply the wax to the table.

    Check out our shuffleboard maintenance video guide for a demonstration on how to apply silicone spray and wax to your shuffleboard.

  • How to Cover a Pool Table

    Another feature that will extend the life of your billiard cloth is using a proper fitted cover and always keeping your table covered when not in use. Not using the cover will allow sunlight to tear down the fiber of the cloth over time. Keeping a fitted cover on the cloth will help prolong the life of your billiard cloth by blocking light from damaging the surface.
    In order to get the right fit from your pool table cover, you’ll first need to measure the dimensions of your table. Dimensions listed in advertisements are usually for the play surface and not for the exterior parts of the table. Keep this in mind when measuring for a billiard table cover.
    When selecting a pool table cover, keep in mind your measurements and, if you’re table is in a game room, pick one that will go along with the room’s décor.
    Legacy offers table covers in both fitted and drape options that fit seven, eight and nine-foot table sizes. For more information on billiard table covers, check out our video buyer’s guide.
  • Billiard Table Slate

    One of the key components of a billiard table that you may not know much about is the billiard slate. Slate is the hard-rock material that makes up the playing surface of a billiard or pool table. Slate has two main purposes. One is to maintain a flat and level surface and the other is to provide weight. Some other billiard brands offer non-slate tables, but those generally do not meet the expectations that many consumers have. We offer high-quality, 1-inch slate on every Legacy billiard table. Slate comes in varying thicknesses from ½-inch all the way up to 2-inch. One inch is considered the standard in the industry, and that’s the size you see professionals using in competitive play. When shopping for a billiard table or pool table, keep in mind that slate is an incredibly important factor in maximizing playability. For more information about Billiard Slate, check out our video buyer's guide.

  • Features of a Quality Shuffleboard

    Buyer's Guide: Features of a Quality Shuffleboard

    At Legacy Billiards, we’re committed to exceeding your expectations in every product category we offer. In our shuffleboard line, we ensure that each product is carefully built every
    step of the way.
    We start by using the highest quality components and materials available.  We use a polymer poured top on all surfaces of our shuffleboard tables. The advantage of using polymer is that during the manufacturing process, air cannot be trapped underneath the polymer. If an air pocket formed on the surface of the shuffleboard, and something like a puck were to fall on it, the surface would crack and cause damage to the shuffleboard itself.
    All of our poured surface playfields come with a lifetime warranty to ensure that cracking will not end the life of your shuffleboard. We thoroughly test each playfield by dropping pucks to make sure no air is underneath and no air pockets have been formed.
  • Hardwood Billiard Tables

    radley pool tableWhat constitutes a true “hardwood” table is one of the most common misconceptions in how billiard tables are described in the industry today. A lot of companies and other brands refer to their product as being made out of solid hardwood. This is simply not true.
    Many times, some billiard table manufacturers describe their products as “all wood.” All wood means they could be made of plywood, MDF, or they could as be another product called SPF. All of these materials are not solid hardwood, but they are made up of hardwood components that are glued together and then categorized as wood. As a result, you’re getting a lesser quality construction and lower value table when you purchase products made from these materials.
    Legacy uses solid hardwood materials and components in all their tables across the line. When you’re shopping for the right product and for something with a high value, make sure you look for solid hardwood billiard tables.

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