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Legacy Billiards Buyer's Guide: Billiard Table Leg Options

Hello. I'm Cris Gould with Legacy Billiards.
The components that make up a Billiard Table are a large part of the consideration when you're selecting your purchase.
Legs of a billiard table whether they're post leg which are from floor to slate, tapered leg or carved leg have no bearing on the quality of the table, they're strictly for aesthetics and looks. And that's up to the eye of the purchaser as to which style they may like.
Other components of the table such as the corners and the cabinetry being solid wood are important because that lends more value to the product.
The hardware that's used, the rails and cushions, as well as the slate
really promote better playability. The higher quality components those are the better your table will play now and for long as you own it.

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