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Legacy Billiards Buyer's Guide: Legacy Rails Are Engineered To Last

Hello. I'm Cris Gould with Legacy Billiards.
One of the most important features in a table is how the rails are secured to the slate.
The hardware that's used to tighten these rails has a lot to do with how your table plays.
Some manufacturers use nut plates, some use inserts held with three screws.
While other manufacturers use a device called a T-nut. It's manufactured for the furniture industry and provides the best torque possible to secure the playability of your table.
Legacy uses the largest T-Nut in the industry to promote better play for you.
Along with the type of hardware that's used to secure the rail, how the hardware is held in the rail is very important to how the table plays.
Many manufacturers use a softwood sub rail to hold their hardwood fastener.
Legacy uses a hardwood core, inserts the fastener, glues the core back into the rail and allows for the most torque possible to secure the rail to the table. This means better playability for you.

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