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Legacy Billiards Buyer's Guide: Billiard Cloth Options

There are several different brands of billiard cloth but basically only two types.
There's napped cloth which is considered standard and basically included with most tables that are purchased. And then there's an upgraded cloth that's called worsted.
Napped cloth is a loop weave, and has a nap to it as the name describes and it requires more brushing, a little more maintenance and it does slow the ball down for the standard play.
Worsted Cloth is a flatter weave, more expensive, but promotes a faster play of ball and prolongs the life of the cloth.
A real nice option that's available for both Napped and Worsted Cloth is called Teflon Treatment.
Teflon helps the cloth to resist moisture and also prevent it from staining Showing that as an example would be spilling just a bit of water on the cloth.
It beads up on top of the cloth and you simply can blot it dry. The result, no damage to the cloth, and no stain is visible.

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