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  • 2014 Billiard Events We’re Most Excited About

    While the sluggish economy has taken its toll on pool table events of recent years, we have reason to be optimistic about what has been scheduled for 2014. Whether billiards is part of your business or you’re simply an enthusiast, there is plenty to look forward to this year. Because we don’t want you to miss anything, we’ve compiled our list of the top 2014 pool table conventions, expos and tradeshows right here in the good ol’ USA.


    The International Billiard & Home Recreation Expo

    Operating since 1983, the International Billiard & Home Recreation Expo (also known as the BCA Expo, as it is sponsored in whole by the Billiard Congress of America) has been a premier event to witness the latest modern products for recreation in the home. Business and networking opportunities abound not just between poolroom operators, dealers and retailers, but also key industry distributors and manufacturers. The 2014 event is scheduled for July 9-10 at the Sands Expo & Convention Center in Las Vegas.


    2014 Summit

    The BCA is also behind the 2014 Summit, an event focused on the business side of the billiards equation, with seminars focused on social media strategies, tracking business health, and finding new customers. The event also features a massive exhibitor hall as well as a designated time slot for free beer, and even a planned ‘whiskey row’ pub crawl, which all but guarantees that all attendees will leave with something to talk about. Their 2014 event is scheduled for June 25-27, at the Kentucky International Convention Center in Louisville.


    Super Billiards Expo

    For those interested in watching or actually playing the game, the Super Billiards Expo is not an event to miss. The event features numerous scheduled events for both amateur and professional players. Watching an exciting game of pool on the television is great, but it’s a poor substitute for seeing a professional game live and in person. The amateurs division is divided into sections based on age and gender, although there is also an open amateur event, which is claimed to be the largest of its kind in the world. You can catch the Super Billiards Expo March 13-16, at the New Jersey Convention Center in Edison, NJ.

  • Can I Afford a Pool Table for My Home?

    A pool table is a wonderful investment for your family, providing hours of enjoyment.  It is a much needed alternative to television, video games and electronic entertainment.  Imagine the quality time spent with family and friends around a pool table and the conversations, laughter, and healthy competition that can be a part of your home. 

    When you think of purchasing a pool table, you may feel you have only two options.  Most people think of the expensive and ornate heirloom quality tables or the relatively inexpensive toy tables offered at discount or department stores.  Many don’t realize there is a basic table option that provides similar quality as an heirloom table for a lower investment.

    The Basic Table – Quality You Can Afford

    A basic table is built to last for years in your home.  Using a solid wood construction with a sturdy frame and slate playing surface, a basic table is available typically for under $2,000.  The slate playing surface will not warp or deteriorate like plywood, making this table a quality investment for your family. 

    Basic tables are plain and simple, without the detailed carving and fine finishes of an heirloom table.  Designed for durability and quality play rather than as a piece of furniture, these tables are still attractive additions to any home.  The simple lines save money without compromising function.

    New versus Used

    A new table offers your family the best possible value.  Pool tables tend to hold their value so a used table is often nearly as expensive as a new table but does not have the same guarantees as new.  A pool table is often damaged when moved making a used table more likely to have an uneven playing surface or other structural issues.  The small amount of money you save can be quickly used in repairs or maintenance.

    Purchase a Basic Table from a Reputable Dealer

    All things are not equal when purchasing a pool table.  It’s important to understand exactly the details of your purchase.  A reputable dealer will provide complete pricing.  Other dealers may not include the cloth, table installation or a warranty in the original purchase price.  These hidden costs can quickly multiply and eliminate any cost savings you anticipated.  Here are things to look for when purchasing your pool table:

    • Assembled at the Factory:  Select a pool table that is assembled at the factory.  This means that the slate is attached to the frame in a factory setting.  Why is this important?  When the slate is attached the manufacturer can ensure the playing surface is level and solid and that there are no structural defects or issues with the table itself.
    • Installation and Delivery:  Some dealers charge a separate installation and delivery fee above the price of the table.  Be sure to consider the cost of this service when buying your table and compare prices accordingly.
    • Cloth:  The cloth, known as felt, that covers the playing surface is essential to play.  You would naturally assume cloth is included in the table price, right?  Be careful.  Some dealers add the price of cloth to the quoted table price. 
    • Accessories:  Basic accessories like billiard balls, cue sticks and a rack should be included in the purchase price of your table.  Ask, and make sure you factor these items into the total pricing.
    • Warranty:  Purchasing a basic table is cost effective because of the lifetime warranty.  Rather than replacing the table after a few years, your investment will serve your family for a long time.  Make sure you purchase a basic table with this type of warranty. 


    A Pool Table is Affordable for Your Family

    By shopping around and making a wise and informed selection, you can afford a pool table for your home.  A basic table is a sound investment that pays off in hours of enjoyment for your friends and family.  When you consider the costs associated with other, more electronic forms of entertainment a pool table is a wise choice.

  • Replacing the Billiard Cloth

    One of the most important parts of your billiard table is the cloth or felt. Billiard cloth promotes playability and gives your table a great look and personality.

    If you’ve owned your billiard table for several years, it might be time to consider replacing the billiard cloth. Replacing the cloth can make your table play much better if the cloth is worn. Also, if your table is starting to look worn, replacing the cloth can give it a brand-new look.

    If you find that your cloth is wearing out or has worn out, some people would consider attempting to replace the cloth themselves. Legacy recommends that you see a professional’s help to do a recovery, as it is a very difficult job. If you don’t know what you are doing, you could permanently damage the table and waste valuable time and money in the process.

    When a professional correctly replaces the cloth, it will promote and improve the playability of your table for years to come. If you want to make sure you’re table has the best available cloth and want to see what options you have, check out our guide to Billiard Cloth. (link to billiard cloth)

    For a closer look at replacing the billiard cloth, check out our video buyer’s guide.

  • Billiard Cushion

    One important feature of the table that most people are concerned about is the billiard cushion. Cushions are attached to the inner sides of the table’s wooden rails. Cushion rubber is what causes the billiard balls to bounce off the sides while minimizing the amount of energy that’s lost in the process.

    Many consumers remember tables of old where the cushions would dry out or get very hard and cause the table to play lousy. Now cushions have evolved to where there’s a lifetime warranty that’s provided on all billiard cushions for Legacy Billiards and other manufacturers as well. One difference to the Legacy Billiard cushion is that we do incorporate a canvas on the top of our cushion to aid in its stiffness and we have a contoured back of the cushion that allows us to have 33% more adhesion than any other billiard cushion available. That makes Legacy a better playing table.

    If you’d like to learn more about what makes Legacy’s billiard cushion the best value, check out our video buyer’s guide.

  • Green Materials: Heveawood, White Mahagony

    To build a quality Pool table, we believe there are two important considerations to take in to account: The materials used for construction and the assembly of the product.

    Standing true to our beliefs, we use Heveawood in our construction because of its durability and stability. From the Maple family of hardwoods, Heveawood has very little tendency to warp or crack, it is eco-friendly and its' dense grain is easily controlled in the drying process which results in very little shrinkage.

    Before a Heaveawood tree is harvested for use, its sap is used to make latex. The tree can produce the sap needed for latex up to 30 years. Heaveawood is only used for construction after it completes its sap producing cycle and dies. In eco-friendly manner, the tree is harvested and repurposed to be used in construction of long lasting, durable and quality products- like our Legacy Billiard Tables.

    We're proud to be using hardwood in the construction of our Pool Tables. Even prouder that we are able to do it in an earth friendly manner.

  • Hardwood Billiard Tables

    radley pool tableWhat constitutes a true “hardwood” table is one of the most common misconceptions in how billiard tables are described in the industry today. A lot of companies and other brands refer to their product as being made out of solid hardwood. This is simply not true.
    Many times, some billiard table manufacturers describe their products as “all wood.” All wood means they could be made of plywood, MDF, or they could as be another product called SPF. All of these materials are not solid hardwood, but they are made up of hardwood components that are glued together and then categorized as wood. As a result, you’re getting a lesser quality construction and lower value table when you purchase products made from these materials.
    Legacy uses solid hardwood materials and components in all their tables across the line. When you’re shopping for the right product and for something with a high value, make sure you look for solid hardwood billiard tables.
  • Are Billiards and Pool the Same Thing?

    Ever wondered about the difference is between Pool and Billiards?  To the casual observer both games appear to be the same.  The concept is similar.  A player uses a long stick with a white tip, known as a cue stick, and strikes the cue ball.  This white ball hits the other balls on the table.

    Players lean over the table to line up their shots.  They consider the angles and distance between the balls on the table and consider the best possible way to strike the white cue ball.  The goal, of course, is to hit one of the colored balls and push it into the pocket.  At least, that appears to be the goal, but is it?

    Billiards – The Gentleman’s Game

    Historically a gentleman’s game, Billiards was developed in the 19th century as a game of skill for men to play and wager on while enjoying a cigar in a private club.  Billiards involves a cue ball for each player and a red “striker” ball.  The object of the game is to use your cue ball to push the striker ball into your opponent’s cue ball.A billiards table does not have pockets.  Instead the table is surrounded by bumpers that allow balls to ricochet and move around the table.  Points in billiards are scored by striking your opponent’s cue ball and vary based on the difficulty of the shot.  Rather than the white cue ball found in pool, cue balls in billiards are colored to make it easy to tell your cue from your opponent’s.

    Pool – Similar, Yet Different

    The game of pool developed out of billiards and was originally considered a common man’s game.  A pool game has a single white cue ball and fifteen additional balls of different colors.  Balls are numbered and are either solid or white with a colored stripe.  There are several variations of pool, but the objective of all of them is sinking your balls in the pockets before your opponent can.

    Pool tables have a pocket at each corner as well as a pocket at the center of each of the long sides.  Just like the game of billiards, pool players consider the angle of each possible shot.  Using techniques with names such as English or Masse’ players hit the cue ball to create spin, curve or velocity and hit a specific ball or series of balls on the table.

    The Importance of a High Quality Pool Table

    Pool and billiards both depend on a high quality table for the best possible game play.  High quality tables have a playing surface made of the finest and smoothest felt stretched over a level piece of slate.  The quality of the felt affects the way the ball moves across the surface after a player’s shot.

    In the same way that a golfer rolls a ball over the putting green before planning his shot, players will roll a ball over a pool or billiards table and check for defects in the felt.  The level of the table is important also.  Even a slight slant can affect the roll of the ball and the accuracy of a shot.  Skilled players can spend several minutes assessing a table before making their first shot.

    If you want to learn either game, invest in a high quality table and a cue stick that is balanced and comfortable in your hands.  No matter which game you choose, you and your friends will enjoy hours of friendly competition as you develop your skills.

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