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  • Legacy Billiards Buyer's Guide: Billiard Table Leg Options

    Hello. I'm Cris Gould with Legacy Billiards.
    The components that make up a Billiard Table are a large part of the consideration when you're selecting your purchase.
    Legs of a billiard table whether they're post leg which are from floor to slate, tapered leg or carved leg have no bearing on the quality of the table, they're strictly for aesthetics and looks. And that's up to the eye of the purchaser as to which style they may like.
    Other components of the table such as the corners and the cabinetry being solid wood are important because that lends more value to the product.
    The hardware that's used, the rails and cushions, as well as the slate
    really promote better playability. The higher quality components those are the better your table will play now and for long as you own it.

  • Introduction: A Guide to Buying a Better Billiard Table

    Hello. I'm Cris Gould with Legacy Billiards.
    We realize that selecting the proper billiard table game room product can be a very difficult decision.
    We've offered a series of videos that will help to explain the benefits and features of our products that will help make this decision much easier.
    We hope that you will find it very helpful, and hope that it will bring enjoyment for years to come.

  • Why Matching Game Room Furniture is Important

    The days of a pool table in the corner of the basement or the garage are long past.  Game rooms are now a popular part of the home and a center of entertainment and social gathering for a family.  You want your game room to reflect the same style and unique character as the other main rooms of your home.

    Traditional or contemporary, your home has a design that compliments the unique personality of your family.  Guests feel welcome.   Your family is comfortable and at home.  A large part of this design revolves around your selection of furniture.

    Coordinated Appearance

    Think about the planning and consideration you put into designing your living room or family room.  Like most people you selected the furniture with care coordinating it with the overall décor or the room.  The goal is creating a certain feeling and ambience for your family and guests.  The game room should be designed with the same care.

    Matching the game room furniture and the pool table is essential to creating a unified appearance.  The pool table, as the focal point in the room, will naturally draw the eye.  Coordinating furniture such as the bar, tables, and chairs allows the entire room to feel put together and planned.

    More than Finish and Style

    Hopefully you’ve selected a high quality pool table for your game room.  This table is solidly constructed and built to last over several years of enthusiastic play.  It’s important, therefore, that you select furniture with a similar quality construction.

    Matching game room furniture is by definition constructed from the same quality materials as the table itself.  The hardwood construction and quality workmanship ensure durability.  You can count on the utility of your tables and chairs over the life of your pool table.

    Legacy is unique among fine billiard table manufacturers.  We create complimentary game room furniture for the pool tables we craft.  This furniture is designed with the same eye to detail as our pool tables and is held to the same standards of craftsmanship.

    What Will Your Game Room Include in the Future?

    Over time the interests of your family will change.  Your children will grow up and leave home.  New games may capture your interest and attention.  Your budget may allow the addition of a shuffleboard table or wet bar.  When you begin with quality matching furniture your game room can easily adapt to your changing requirements.

    Legacy Billiards offers entire lines of furniture and accessories designed to coordinate with your pool table.  You benefit from the ability to make additions to your game room without concern.  Everything you add will fit in with your existing décor seamlessly.

    Occasionally replacement furniture is necessary.  While every piece we make is designed for beauty and durability, the circumstances of life can damage even the most finely crafted furniture.  Our matching furniture groups make replacement and supplemental furniture available without searching or headache.

    Create a Showroom Quality Game Room

    When you focus your game room around a quality pool table, you lay the foundation of a showroom quality experience for your family and friends.  Adding a bar and tables along with seating that exactly matches your table builds upon that foundation.  Legacy Billiards makes it simple to have the showcase game room of your dreams.

  • Why Should I Get High-Quality Billiard Balls?

    high quality billiard ballsOne billiard ball is just like another one, right?  Wrong.  The quality of the billiard balls you use has an impact on the quality and accuracy of your game.  In fact, most experienced players will tell you it isn’t always a defect in the table that makes a shot go awry.  Sometimes it’s the fault of the billiard balls themselves.

    History of Billiard Balls

    Billiard balls were originally made of stone but were eventually replaced with balls made of wood and clay due to the weight of the stone itself.  These balls were used until the 1600’s when ivory billiard balls became popular.

    Ivory billiard balls were expensive and time consuming to make.  Each tusk yielded only 4 or 5 balls.  The balls themselves had to be cured for years to make them durable enough to withstand the stress of play without cracking or chipping.  Many balls were rejected due to inconsistent density or defects in the ivory itself.  As the elephant population in the world thinned it became obvious that billiard balls from another material were needed.

    Today billiard balls are made from a combination of resin and plastic.  This material is moldable and uniformly dense, perfect for high quality billiard balls that offer top quality play.  The best balls are made in Belgium by Saluc and are made of phenolic resin.

    Important Factors in Billiard Ball Selection

    There are three main factors that affect the quality of a billiard ball.  The first is the diameter tolerance held by the manufacturer.  The diameter tolerance determines the perfect round shape.  As a ball is machined, the diameter of the ball is set.  High-quality balls are held to a strict tolerance, meaning variations are not tolerated.  You can count on these balls to be as close as possible to perfectly round.

    The same is not true of lower quality balls.  Instead a tolerance is set for the diameter. These balls are machined to appear round and to approach perfect roundness.  Their shape, however, is not guaranteed to be perfectly round.  There is a tolerance for error that is allowed in the interests of saving costs during manufacturing.

    The second factor is consistency of density.  A billiard ball with a consistent density rolls true and straight.  The weight of the ball is evenly distributed allowing the ball to roll evenly no matter where cue strikes it.

    Billiard balls with an inconsistent density play erratically.  They don’t bank properly.  They zigzag while rolling at times because the weight is unevenly distributed.  When you notice a ball rolling strangely it may not be the fault of the table, although it is often blamed on table roll.  More often it is uneven weight distribution that causes erratic ball behavior.

    The third factor is elasticity.  Elasticity is the transfer of energy from the strike ball to the object balls during play.  Ideally a ball will transfer 100% of its energy to the next ball during a stop shot.  In fact, a stop shot gets its name from this elasticity factor.  If you notice your strike ball continuing to travel after striking another ball evenly you are noticing a lack of elasticity.  While this can be caused by wear and tear, it is more common with lower quality billiard balls.

    Select High-Quality Balls for Optimal Play

    High-quality billiard balls are a worthy investment for you and your family.  A fine set of balls costs between $100 - $200 but lasts much longer than the $20-$50 set you find at the local department store.  The high quality balls withstand enthusiastic play without losing elasticity or damaging the cloth of your table.  They roll true and allow your entire family to learn skilled shots without having to compensate for ball roll caused by uneven weight or dimension.

  • What’s the Best Deal on a Pool Table?

    You’ve decided to purchase a pool table for your game room at home.  Great idea!  Investing in a game room that includes a pool table is an excellent way to encourage quality time with family and friends.  With thought and planning, you can select a table that meets your needs both now and in the future.

    The best deal on a pool table is about more than just price.   It is about purchasing the right table for your needs.  The size, quality, and appearance of the table must be right for your home and your purpose.  The least expensive table available may appear to be a good value, but only if the table is durable enough to require little maintenance and give you the type of enjoyment you want.

    Avoid a Toy Table

    Be careful when shopping to understand what you are purchasing.  Department stores will often offer pool tables at a low price, presenting them as the ideal solution for your game room.  In fact, these tables are considered toy tables.

    They are lightly constructed using poor quality slate or even a slate alternative as a playing surface.  Designed to last a few years at most, tables like these are easily damaged by players who are just enjoying a good time with friends.  People sitting on the rails or spilling a beverage on the table can cause damage that impacts the quality of play.  While these tables appear to be a good value, replacement costs make them unsuitable for more than occasional play by children in a kid’s rec room.

    Essential Components of a Basic Table

    A basic table is a sound investment, ensuring reliable play for years.  A sturdy, basic table begins at around $1,500 with design finishes and other details adding to the cost.  There are some basic components that you should look for as you select a basic table.

    • Slate not Wood – Slate is the preferred playing surface for a pool table.  Wood can warp and deform over time and are subject to humidity and weather conditions.  Slate will stay true over time and provide the best surface for play.  A one inch slate surface in three sections rather than one large piece is ideal and provides consistent play over time.
    • Frame and Cabinet – The frame supports the weight of the slate playing surface and must be strong enough to hold up without warping or allowing the slate to shift.  While solid wood is the best, there are other materials that can provide strength as well.  Make sure the slate is screwed into the cross pieces of the frame to provide the most strength and stability.  It’s best to purchase a table that is assembled in the warehouse.  This allows the manufacturer to correct errors before the table arrives in your home.
    • Cloth – A basic table has at least recreational quality (18-ounce) cloth.  This cloth, often known as felt, is relatively durable although it will wear over time.  For home use, select a table with 80/20 wool to nylon fabric and at least an 18-ounce weight.
    • Cushions – Look for rubber cushions backed with canvas.  Make sure the cushions are parallel with the table and free from warping.
    • Rails - Stable rails are crucial to playing pool.  Solid hardwood rails are preferred and are worth the additional expense.
    • Legs – Much of the visual design of a pool table comes from the legs.  Appearance is less important than stability, though.  Before selecting a table, bump up against it.  A good table should never be wobbly or unstable, no matter how pretty it is.


    Basic or Heirloom – It’s up To You

    A basic table will provide years of quality play with minimal maintenance.  When you design your game room, a basic table is the minimum investment you should consider.  If you want a pool table that is a piece of furniture and a centerpiece of the room, an heirloom table may be a better selection for you and your family.

    An heirloom table is typically made of solid wood with a beautiful finish and lovely legs.  A table like this has the best quality materials including high grade cloth and lively rubber cushions to ensure a high quality game.  A table like this can cost thousands of dollars but is designed to last for generations.

    Basic or heirloom quality, to get the best deal on a pool table you must understand your purpose for the table itself.  Selecting the appropriate table for your needs and desired play guarantees the best value and years of enjoyment for your entire family.

  • Billiard Table Legs

    The components the make up a billiard table should make up a large part of the considerations you make when shopping for a billiard pool table.

    Legs of a billiard table, whether they're post legs which are floor to slate, tapered leg or carved legs which have no bearing on the quality of the table as they are strictly for aesthetics and looks.

    It's up to the eye and preference of the purchaser as to which style they may like. Other components of the table such as the corners and the cabinetry being solid wood are important because that lends more value to the product. The hardware that's used, the rails and cushions, as well as the slate really promote better playability.

    With high quality components, your table will play better now and for as long as you own it. For more information on billiard table leg options, check our our video buyer's guide...


  • Game Room Guide: Adding a Pinball Machine

    So you’ve got the billiard table with all the accessories, a top-of-the-line shuffleboard, a killer dartboard and a home bar that rivals the finest pubs and bars the world over. What’s the next step for making this game room legendary? For us it’s an American classic: the pinball machine.

    Dating back to the early 20th century, pinball machines have been a staple in bars, arcades and game rooms alike. A pinball machine can be a great way to add variety and personality to your game room or man cave, and really, who doesn’t like pinball?

    Here are a few tips we suggest you follow when buying a pinball machine for your game room.

    First, look at the date it was made. If it was made after 1978, (the year pinball machines became “modern”) repairs and maintenance should be a breeze. If it’s pre-1978, chances are that even though it has a great retro look, you’re going to need to spend a ton of money to get it working.

    Since the advent of cheaper to buy, home video game consoles. The number of new pinball games produced each year has gone down drastically. While you can still buy a brand-spanking new machine, you’ll have a wider variety of options when you shop in the used market.

    Depending on the condition, demand and rarity of the machine you can plan on spending anywhere from a few thousand all the way to $20,000 and beyond. We researched market values on Ebay, but you can always look out for better prices at local arcade game auctions or deal your area’s craigslist.

    Once it’s in your game room, you may need to have in serviced in the future. In order for your machine to work properly, you’ll need it serviced by an expert every few years. Take good care of your machine, and you should have years of enjoyment ahead of you.

    Need help completing your game room project? Download our free Game Room Guide e-book today! In it, you’ll find tips on putting together a complete and long lasting game room the entire family can enjoy. From flooring and lighting to furniture options and design, this guide is your one-stop resource for turning an ordinary room to the most fun spot in the house. Check out it now!

  • Billiard Table Slate

    One of the key components of a billiard table that you may not know much about is the billiard slate. Slate is the hard-rock material that makes up the playing surface of a billiard or pool table. Slate has two main purposes. One is to maintain a flat and level surface and the other is to provide weight. Some other billiard brands offer non-slate tables, but those generally do not meet the expectations that many consumers have. We offer high-quality, 1-inch slate on every Legacy billiard table. Slate comes in varying thicknesses from ½-inch all the way up to 2-inch. One inch is considered the standard in the industry, and that’s the size you see professionals using in competitive play. When shopping for a billiard table or pool table, keep in mind that slate is an incredibly important factor in maximizing playability. For more information about Billiard Slate, check out our video buyer's guide.

  • Features of a Quality Shuffleboard

    Buyer's Guide: Features of a Quality Shuffleboard

    At Legacy Billiards, we’re committed to exceeding your expectations in every product category we offer. In our shuffleboard line, we ensure that each product is carefully built every
    step of the way.
    We start by using the highest quality components and materials available.  We use a polymer poured top on all surfaces of our shuffleboard tables. The advantage of using polymer is that during the manufacturing process, air cannot be trapped underneath the polymer. If an air pocket formed on the surface of the shuffleboard, and something like a puck were to fall on it, the surface would crack and cause damage to the shuffleboard itself.
    All of our poured surface playfields come with a lifetime warranty to ensure that cracking will not end the life of your shuffleboard. We thoroughly test each playfield by dropping pucks to make sure no air is underneath and no air pockets have been formed.
  • Guide to Billiard Cloth: Napped vs. Worsted.

    billiard clothThere are several different brands of billiard cloth, but basically only two types: Napped and Worsted. Napped billiard cloth is considered standard and is generally included with most tables purchased by consumers. Worsted billiard cloth is a higher quality and is noted for its enhanced playability and durability.

    Napped cloth is a loop weave, and has a “nap” to it as the name describes. It requires more brushing, a little more maintenance, and may slow the ball down a bit in standard play. If you’re an average player and want to save a little bit of money on your table purchase, napped cloth may be right for you.

    Worsted cloth is a flatter weave and is more expensive, but it promotes a faster play of ball and prolongs the life of the cloth. If you want professional-grade playability from your table, and want to ensure the quality of your cloth doesn’t deteriorate in the future, worsted is your best choice.

    A great option for both napped and worsted cloth is called Teflon Treatment. Teflon helps to cloth resist moisture and guards the cloth from staining. For a demonstration of what Teflon Treatment can do for you billiard cloth, check out our Billiard Cloth Video Guide.

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