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Billiard Cushion

One important feature of the table that most people are concerned about is the billiard cushion. Cushions are attached to the inner sides of the table’s wooden rails. Cushion rubber is what causes the billiard balls to bounce off the sides while minimizing the amount of energy that’s lost in the process.

Many consumers remember tables of old where the cushions would dry out or get very hard and cause the table to play lousy. Now cushions have evolved to where there’s a lifetime warranty that’s provided on all billiard cushions for Legacy Billiards and other manufacturers as well. One difference to the Legacy Billiard cushion is that we do incorporate a canvas on the top of our cushion to aid in its stiffness and we have a contoured back of the cushion that allows us to have 33% more adhesion than any other billiard cushion available. That makes Legacy a better playing table.

If you’d like to learn more about what makes Legacy’s billiard cushion the best value, check out our video buyer’s guide.

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